An EB?…Nah

I was never really a chatter, it kinda wierds me out to talk to people I don’t really know, only chatted though to those I know personally. And the concept of having an EB was too far fetched to me somehow, until a friend of mine whose in another country asked his friend to give something to him since my sister is going to california later this year.

Never met the girl, texted a day a go to meet so I could get a book that she would give my friend and it was ok with me. Well after going to a very sweaty ride on the MRT from Ayala-Pasay-Shaw, I got to our designated place of meeting. Texted her and she was supposed to be there already, waiting… 7:20pm… waiting… 7:30pm…waiting…7:45pm…. The heck with it! I said to myself,”she was already around the place” I thought. What was she doing sizing me up? Hey, maybe she found me ugly and decided not to show up… hehehe

I texted her “Sorry, if you still intend to come I’ll just be downstairs buying something”. I wasn’t gonna waste my time waiting, we have a climb this weekend and thought of buyng trail snacks then she called up my phone and told me to meet at this other place.

To make a long story short. I got to meet her, it turns out that her former Boss caught her and she can’t somehow get out of the conversation. And the book she intend to give to my friend she just bought that evening. All nice and wrapped up as a christmas present. It was funny though I wasn’t intending to eat on a restaurant but she insited on this branch (I was saving money you know). But it was a nice dinner, she’s an interesting character also, it’s not always you got to talk to a person until late after 10pm and still make it interesting and funny at times. And what’s better it’s her dinner treat hehehe :P. But I promise myself I’ll get back that treat sometimes…

It was an interesting night, and to find out she’s from the neighborhood is nice. Hey another one to add to my list of friends… but was this an EB?… Nah don’t think so, never chatted with her even once.