Worky Week?

My left fingertips are sore. I better replace my guitar soon as its strings really do hurt.

Well this is one of those weeks that I feel that I’m really at work. We were supposed to make some concetual designs for our site and two from our products and services, well it should be easy but the hard part here is having to do some “Branding” along the way and thinking along the lines of advertising firms on how to capture people within 10 seconds in order for them to get interested enough to browse into our other products.

It would have been easier if our product is concrete, complete or solid but right now it felt like punching throught open air. I thought of one of “Sun Tzu’s saying, “know your enemy, and know yourself, you will win every battle” But the problem here is knowing for certianty what our prouct “is”. Sigh. We were like “DUH” in our meeting that afternoon.

Oh well. Looking forward for the weekend.

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