ALIW Summer Issue Call for Submissions

ALiW’s upcoming issue called Pag-iinitan (April 2004 Issue) will focus
on how we Filipinos spend or spent our summer vacations. Share with us
your artworks, prose, essays, poems, stories and other form of write
ups as well as photos that tells us how you spend your hot summer

For write up pieces, please place them in text files (.txt).

For visual pieces, photos and the like, please submit them in JPG
Format with the dimensions of 576 pixels (width) x 768 pixels (height)
with 72 pixels/inch resolution.

And send your entry or entries at this email address
[email protected] or
[email protected]


Are you a creative graphic artist? With a crazy imagination? Have you
seen our past horoscope predictions?

If you are, well this is something you must try.

We are looking for a mascot to fit our Horoscope Predictions in every

Requirements: The mascot to be submitted should be a female. All
entries should be in JPG/JPEG format. Size should not be less than 200
pixels by 200 pixels.

One of our staff suggested: She look great with an eye patch, and is
wearing a “tapis” and is ready to do her laundry the Pinoy way. Or
look mighty disfunctional. (Please note this is only a suggestion and
not a requirement.)

Why should you join the contest? Aside from it is challenging, but the
winner of this contest will have his winning entry as Manang Ethel for
the next six months or so. Imagine what publicity you’ll be getting
and how you’ve contributed to the ezine! And of course, our thanks for
sharing with us your masterpiece.

Send your entry or entries at [email protected]

7 April 2004 11:59 PM (Philippine Time)

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