Things to do… things to do…

It’s only these past couple of weeks that I really felt that I’m at work. The code named project title “Imago” is really draining and the daily meetings in it’s current status isn’t helping that much in it’s progress as I see it right now. Is it us or is it something else? Arrgghh!! We’re even going home a bit later now. 🙁

Aside from keeping my mind to wander around in thoughts that I shouldn’t delve into, I’ll just focus on what I should also be doing for the next few weeks, next month to be exact. Well I got a list here:

  • Prepare, compile and submit my Entry for this years Carlos Palanca Awards (yeah, every year I’ve always wanted to try and submit an entry. I think this is the year for it. Hopefully)
  • Create my entry for the Digimac Hi-Res Digital Art Competition (I want that 12″ Mac PowerBook! )
  • Study for my XHTML 1.1 Certification (Yeah need it for my evaluation)
  • Update my this site My archives, new articles, new sections)
  • Start of the Renovation of our house in Laguna

Well that’s just about it. Hey Pizza’s here…

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