Freakin’ Burnt Out!!

Timog, Quezon City

Ok, I’m about to sleep now. Today I really feel burnt out! For the first time I’ve stayed until 7:30pm at the office trying to finish a freakin’ impossible deadline of Alpha 1 of the 3 sites. And bad thing was that I’m not getting paid for that excess times. f@$& !!! Sheesh!

Ok I’ve breathed it out. Well after work I still managed to catch up with the guys at Export Bank. Good thing they waited for me while I fix up the last details from the site. We drove to Quezon City where we had dinner at Kababs. Was able to sample this new spicy curry dish which I forgot the name. But it was nice and satisfying. I left early though cause my head is still throbbing from all those concentration.

I am too focused at work that I didn’t even notice that one of my travel-buddy Vidge visited the office and kept calling me until I looked on the other side. Well that was quite funny. Eds also introduced his GF(?) Mhean to the group. Was surprised really cause I didn’t know that it was already them. Hmmm…. he’s keeping it secret ? Well they seem to be ok. Haven’t seen Rod for some time there. It was nice to hear Grace and Him bicker around. I heard also that Drew got into an accident. Dunno if it was true or not as he has a reputation to joke around. Talk about “the boy who cried wolf”.

Well gotta go. A new day tomorrow and my eyes are starting to shut without me knowing.

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