And so it goes on…

Baywalk Sunset

I caught this magnificent play of colors when I was in Baywalk last night. It was magnificent and very calming. The water was also so calm and the colors of the cloud would just make you stop. And remind you how you can appreciate life whatever may transpire.

So much has changed lately, the surroundings, the people. And it can be quite getting used to. I decided not to push through with any of my trip this weekend. I may have my leave on Friday and I may use it for something worth while instead. And it wouldn’t seem okay to my relatives to see me wandering off while most of them who is closely related to my Couzin is off to our place. It would seem Lakbay would not have any trip also this weekend.

Well that’s how it goes, sometimes you just have to go with the flow of things.

But despite all these Life is still good. Will continue of with my intended plans and goals for the next half of the year and hopefully all goes well

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