A Rough Week

Well it was a really rough week for me really it started out really bad. I thought I lost it there for a moment having a whirl of problems coupled with some sudden insecurity issues that made a couple of days really hazy for me. Well after banging my head several times at the wall and having bandages here and there altogether I think I cleared up my head. hehehe just kidding!

Well having talked to a friend did help and just realizing that we decide what we feel no matter what influences or events that transpire and surround also helped. We are unique individuals and sometimes I just forget that. It was a nice learning experience though and really. I had a rough week, well I think it had to happen to let it hit my head harder but all is well now. Am back to my old self again, busy again and facing some shame for not having to meet up my deadlines for my Aristocrat projects (Elle, sori! sori! *hides myself*) I’ll try to rush it as much as I can.

And I’m glad to hear word from the other website project that I thought had gone to the grave. It has resurrected and will continue.

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