OPM (Original Pinoy Music) Explosion

I find myself listening to a lot of OPM lately and it’s a good thing really. I think the local scene is doing very well right now even if there are those annoying remakes around. What is also good is that the age of Boy Bands seems to have dissipated and the band scene is very alive again. I think we have to thank the acoustic revolution here, and now bands are going back and slowly incorporating the electric sound with it. Just to mention some artist filling my auditory perceptions right now are Kjwan, Kitchi Nadal, 6 Cycle Mind, Cambio, Bamboo, Session Road and Stonefree.

I recently got hold of three OPM albums: Bamboo’s “As the Music Plays” Kitchi Nadal’s self titled album and “Radio Live: Jam Sessions Recordings”. If you are interested to know what I thought of each albums, read on.

Bamboo: As the music plays

Bamboo, As the Music Plays: First off, it’s hard not to compare this band with Rivermaya at first since 2 of its members are from the original Rivermaya. But since the latter band has developed it’s own sound now with Rico Blanco taking their musical direction in some turn, they now sound so different and the comparison goes only to their early days. I must admit that when I first heard “Noypi” playing on the local radio stations, I thought that the voice sounded very familiar. The sound of their carrier single didn’t impress me much. I thought it sounded very much like “Awit ng Kabataan”, Rivermaya’s first hit. But after hearing “Mr. Clay” I thought that this sounded cool and different and would give the band another chance. After listening to this 10 tracked album I must say that this is a very solid album. The whole album has it’s own identity apart from their former band. I really like how Bamboo has a bit of that “long beach sound” that makes some of the tracks to have funky groove to it. His rapping ability is also exercised well here. And if you get the special edition CD which contains additional tracks and videos, you’ll be able to hear their cover of Dispatch’s “The General” which was very well done in my opinion and also Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain” which in my opinion is less to be desired cover by them. All in all, this is a very good album.

Kitchie Nadal

Kitchi Nadal – Self Titled Album: Kitchie has been around the music scene and has sported many familiar hits when she was still the vocalist of Mojo Fly. The first song I heard from her is “Run” which I thought at that time was a very good single for her. Before her album was released I heard her play all her materials unplugged in Jam 88.3’s Jam Sessions and again thought that this should be an album worth listening to. Having finally listened to her first solo effort, I must say that the album has an atmospherical beauty rich with metaphors and emotions, and her unique soothing voice will inevitably draw you in. Kitchie is a very talented song writer and every track in her album is an experience. So I suggest you grab the album and experience her music yourself.

Radio Live: Jam Sessions Recording

Radio Live: Jam Sessions Recordings: OK. If you are a regular listener of Jam 88.3’s Jam Sessions, you may have an interest to buy this album to support these upcoming musicians. The album cost only around Php180, so it’s cheap. But to those who are unfamiliar with these artist may find that it can be a headache to listen to due to their different styles. You may like some and some you may loath. Mostly covers and some originals, the album is very raw and it’s really not for pleasure listening in my opinion. But if you are an avid fan of the radio program get this album. But for those who are not, try to listen to it first, you may find something you like, just skip off the tracks you don’t like.