Huling hirit for summer in Palawan

Fished Face

Fished Face

Never been much into taking a photo of myself. Never thought to be photogenic nor keen on taking “I-love-myself” photos. I also don’t think of posting my photo here as it might scare people away once they open this page. Hehehe. But once in a blue moon I do decide to flip around my camera and take a self-photo. This was an attempt to take an underwater photo and guess what those fishes just decided to literally butt-in the picture and ruin it.

Anyways, this was taken under the waters of Apulit island, home of the high-end resort Club Noah in Taytay Palawan. So far the best snorkeling and diving experience I had lately. I was really estatic on finally setting foot on the famed “Last Frontier” after last week’s delay, I thought I would never get a chance to stp on this rock. But fate’s been kind and granted me this trip. It was quite a place considering we were only two Filipino guest and most of the crowd there are Koreans and a small number of Japanese Nationals.

Intro dive

The author’s Intro dive

It was a challenge to take photos at that time since the weather was a bit gloomy with the sun only peaking in and the occasional drizzle to rain isn’t helping. Just have to make use of what I have. But all the time I wished the sun would just come out. On the first day we had a chance to see a bit more of Taytay. It’s a lesser known town compared to El Nido, Coron or Purto Pricessa. Tourist usually just pass by or they would go straight to Club Noah from the airport. But Taytay has some wonders of their own, it’s just that they are not yet fully equipped to accomodate many tourist. And that is their plan right now. In three years time, Taytay would have developed more lodgings and resort to attract mid-class and backpackers. In part of this we were able to visit two developing resort, Sedar Beach Cove and Paraiso Rodriguez Resort. Sedar has this amazing contrast of talcum white sand beach and rugged black volcanic rocks on the beach shore. Very picturesque with dramatic trees and mangroves along in it’s shoreline. Further is the Paraiso Resort which is said to be ideal for snorkeling with lots of Corals. And in Taytay Town proper, despite the rain, we were able to view the imposing Fort Isabelle.

Sedar Cove

Sedar Cove

Taytay Fort

Taytay Fort

Club Noah is a great resort with also a great price. But with very good accomodations, very personalized service, it’s indeed a world class destination. We tried to make most of our stay there since we only got one day to do everything. Fortunately we had a cancelled flight and was able to stay a day more. Hehehehe. Activities here of course include a lot of snorkeling and diving, kayaks, cave exploration, island hopping, beach volley or just lounge around and do nothing. Well my favourite is people watching though, observing those foreigners sure is amusing at times.


More Fishies. Forgot their names…

Take note on trying to feed the fish! We tried bringing in some bread crumbs down under and immediatly those common zebra-like fishes came in swarming from all over. For a momment there I thought they were piranhas. They even bit a finger! Now that’s biting the finger that feed.


Divers fins pass the corals

It was really a pleasant stay. I quietly hoped that the flight would be cancelled again so I could have time to visit El Nido. Hehehe. But I guess that’s enough for now. Hope to explore more of Palawan in the future.

Ferdz @ club Noah

The author’s Turista or ‘I was here pic’ in Club Noah, Palawan