KK Adventure 01: A new door opens

A door opens

The Peak lodge door opens with the view of Mt. Kinabalu peaks on the horizon at Mt. Kinabalu Park

I’m back in Manila, and my legs are just aching from those endless flight of stair trails in Mt. Kinabalu, a world Heritage site and one of the highest mountain in the South East Asia.

I’ll be writing a series of entries regarding our adventure on the said mountain. Along with that are some side trips and food trip adventure within the city.

Many “Terima Kasih” goes to the guys of AdTrek and Mark of Retrospect who were helpful enough to provide some information that was useful in our trip. And many thanks as well to my companions there who have opened up a new world of international travel.

In the meantime I’ve gotta rest. It’s back to the grind again tomorrow. 🙂