KingKong the movie

Massively entertaining movie! That’s what’s KingKong is all about. Peter Jackson has set up the standards again in bringing computer animated characters to life. He did it with Gollum in Lord of the Rings and he did an impressive job here with KingKong.

The whole movie is an eyecandy with impressive CG backgrounds. Everything here is so polished. I just love the look of the island and it’s environ. Peter Jackson once again did a great job in visualizing the setting making men look more like insects. And the actions are almost unpredictable that you would want everything to just stop. It’s a real screamer.

Still, the movie has some setbacks as well. Everything is moving so fast that some details are lost and there’s a lot of plot holes as opening. There are some relationship issues that were there just for the sake of it (Jiimy and the Captain) that were soon lost to oblivion at the end of the movie. What happened to them? I won’t question the believability of the movie since the point of the movie is to entertain, even if it makes the island so small and each character so full of energy that they seem to know where they have to go within the island. And that scene where KingKong pulled-off Anna from the sacrificial poles?…Ouch, he could easliy pull out her arms there.

Despite that, KingKong is still entertaining and makes KingKong more human with feelings. A misunderstood being who only wish to love and protect. Making us humans, once again the scum of the Earth, who knows nothing more than to kill.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. Especially if seen on the big screen.