My cat Hikori, taking a nap

It’s time to rest for a while. It’s been a fast paced life since the start of the year. And I’m taking advantage of my free time to just do some other stuff that needs taking care of (like finishing my entry for the Fully Booked Writing Competition).

And last night, I had the worst toothache of my life! Went to the dentist last Thursday and had it X-rayed (2nd to the last tooth at the back). He left it there for now in case I want it “Root-Canaled.” So he gave some prescriptions and let me decide which pain killer to take. But last night despite the pain relievers, the pain just won’t go away. It’s like a large stick protruding my brain. And it is driving me crazy literally! I almost lost my mind and not one pain reliever helped. It lasted until morning. And by sunrise, the pain somehow abated and I was able to finally sleep.

It’s my Dad’s 70th birthday tomorrow which is one reason to stay around. My siblings are planning on sending him to USA even as a tourist so he could join his siblings there as well for a while. There are 12 of them in the family and only two of them are left behind here in the Phil. He always wanted to visit his parent’s (my grandparent’s) grave there. In a few month My Dad could be on his way to my Sister in San Diego.

And lastly, prayers for those who are affected by the Landslide at St. Bernard in Southern Leyte. More than 3,000 people are missing when a village literally vanished from a landslide on a nearby mountain. It’s like Ormoc all over again. And I hope they find more survivors soon.

That’ll be all for now. Will be posting more photos in the next few days before things go full speed again.