Boracay Day 3: Road to Diniwid Beach

The winding cliff side path to Diniwid Beach

The winding cliff side path to Diniwid Beach

This is the final part of my “Boracay with Bloggers” series. Tells just how slow I am updating this blog, since I’m preparing a lot of stuff lately. This will be a short one capping off what has been a really fun getaway with other bloggers. On our last day, I didn’t wake up as early as I did before. I slept like a cat on those bed, but instead woke up around 6am. The morning light was peering into our room curtain, promising what might be a sunny day. I left half an hour later with both my roomies still drifting in la la land. To my surprise, I saw Enrico already shooting outside. Wow! You could really tell if one is really passionate about photography if one wakes up really early with the sun.

The author having breakfast with Melo and Karla

The author having breakfast with Melo and Karla. Photo by Eric

I could hear the sounds of drums and lyre coming closer from a distance. I looked to the direction where the sound was coming from, only to find out it was on a boat at the sea. Seems to be waking up the festive mood of the island. We did shoot a bit on Diniwid Beach that morning but had to go back when I found my stomach crumbling already. Since it was already 7am, I asked Eric to head back for breakfast. Everyone was a little early today so we could catch festivities at the town plaza in Balabag.

Eugenius, Eric and Karla on the rocks!!

Eugenius, Eric and Karla on Willy’s Rock!

We spend about an hour or more enjoying the Ati-atihan parade at the beach. But at the same time we were really excited to hit the beach. I guess for a few days of gloomy skies, it was really refreshing to see the sun finally out. So as soon as the parade passed by, we headed to the nearby Willy’s Rock, Boracay’s famed landmark.

From Willy’s Rock to the Cliffs of Diniwid

From Willy’s Rock to the Cliffs of Diniwid

After having some photo ops at Willy’s Rock we decided to just walk back to Diniwid Beach. Eugene went the other way to do some shopping at the D’mall. From atop the rock, the walk to northern cliffs seems short. Unbeknown to many, there other beaches on the island of Boracay aside from the long white beach. Just north past the station one of the beach stretch, cut off by limestone cliffs is where the Diniwid beach can be found. it is where other high end resorts like Microtel can also be found.

A skim boarder  and some beach babes

A skim boarder and some beach babes

The stroll along the powdery shores of Boracay was very pleasant. It was so alive at this time. With the low tide, the beach stretch was wider and we can actually walk along the waters. Beachcombers enjoying the sun, skim boarders riding the receding waves and frees bee throwers having fun.

Cemented winding road to Diniwid

Cemented winding road to Diniwid

At the end cliff of the beach, a path was cemented along the cliffs so you’ll be able to reach the other side. Making a turn on the cliff, you’ll find a small and shallow cave where an altar is placed. There are other rock formations there by the beach leading towards the other resorts Diniwid Beach is well secluded. the sand may not be as fine or as white as the white beach but it’s not as crowded and touristy as the main beach itself.

Eric Dee in action, at the small cave in Diniwid

Eric Dee of in action, at the small cave in Diniwid

As we settled our things, we finally hit the beach. It was really refreshing as I remember it. Sand still soft at the sea bed and the water as crystal clear as ever. I could actually see my feet there even at the depths of 4 feet. Below if you look closely are some very few fishes among widely scattered rocks. Really feels good to be in the waters of Boracay again.

The Diniwid beach with Nami Villa

The Diniwid beach with Nami Villa

Thinking about it now, the first time I heard of the island, It was never really on top of my list. I know all the talk about the island sprawling with development, having trouble with sanitation and being more of a tourist trap lately. That was the time I have never set foot on the island. For a backpacker like me, I would always prefer a place closer to nature, raw landscape and unspoilt, away from the hustle and bustle and the noise of developed places. But Boracay has its own charm. The island is about having fun. The beach sand quality here is still unrivaled across the island. I mean, where can you find a long stretch of powdery white sand beach where the sand remains cool even with the sun peaking at the sky? The island is also one of the places in the country where there’s a top selection of good food to choose from.

From the few times I’ve been here on the island, I always find myself going home with a smile at my face, be it the thought spending the time at its beach, meeting various people in different walks of life or just remembering that last food you ate that you really enjoyed. Boracay is all about fun, and I do hope it stays that way.

many thanks once again to the sponsors of this trip, Microtel, Seair and Zuzuni.