Video: Pride of Bolinao

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse in Patar. Taken with Nokia N82

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse in Patar. Taken with Nokia N82

I’ve always wanted to add a multimedia feature on my blog. In fact, I announced early last year that I would be doing an Ian Wright thing and present some of my travels in a video documentary feature. That may not be too far off the future. For now, here’s my very first video-log on our recent family outing in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Somehow this is also a bit sentimental since after more than 5 years, our whole family is together on this vacation since one of my sister in Canada and another from the USA decided to come home. Video after the jump.

Title: Pride of Bolinao
Video Direction and Editing: Ferdz Decena
Music: Eso Es by Viggo
Duration: 2:44

The videos here were taken with the Nokia N82. It has a nice 640×480 resolution on 30fps which is actually very good compared to my crappy video recording on my Sony Ericsson K800i. I just wish Nokia added a tripod mount so I can shoot more steadily. More on that later. This is the first in the series of Videos I will be uploading so I do hope you guys enjoy it.

And an additional good news! I will be holding my first one-man-show exhibit from the 11th of May onwards until the end of the month. It will be held somewhere in Makati. I will fill in the details as soon as it’s been ironed out but the date is already definite. So that will be exciting and hope to see you guys there.