Batanes Revisited 2008

Photo 4R Printouts of my Batanes Captures

Some of my 4R Printouts of my Batanes Captures

It’s been 4 years since I have been here and since then I’ve always wanted to go back. My first trip to Batanes has been one of my most memorable travels since then. And when the chance to go back there came knocking in, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Batanes has this long lasting charm that holds you once you have stepped up on its land. And now thanks to Epson Philippines, Geiser Maclang and fellow bloggers Juned as well for the referral, the dream of going back has been fulfilled. And the charm of Batanes is still there.

Souveneirs from Batanes

Souvenirs from Batanes. Check out those almond eyes. Cute eh?

The photos above were printed there in Batanes as well. Epson Philippines introduced their spiffy new multi-function printers and were able to print our works. They also have this Photo Essay contest which has the theme “Convergence of Elements” in which we’ll submit on our final day. I’m really not much into contest and wasn’t really minding it while I was shooting around Batanes but hey since we’re already there and they got some cool prizes, why not? So from the scattered photos from the first pic, 7 of those (on the surface layers) were my entry on my essay entitled “Batanes: Shaped by the elements” and each of us get to explain our works. Luckily, I got one of the 3 Special awards on the factor of having explorations and tourism/travel shots so I get to get home one of their cool printers same with Mimi for her creative shots and Hannah’s simple yet meaningful presentation. The 2nd price went to Aj’s environmental essay of “I am not Plastic” and top prize goes to Joey’s creative story telling entry of “The journey of life in Batanes”

My 2008 cartwheel in Sabtang

My 2008 cartwheel in Sabtang. Taken by Eric.

I won’t make this long as I have to really rest now and will fill in the details next week. It’s been a travel packed month and next month even more with the Holy Week vacation upon us. This Batanes 2 days Photo Safari is really an exciting and truly very memorable travel to the team of 28 people who traveled on one boat to Sabtang and back. I’m sure you’ll read more of it from other bloggers and probably with the media people among us. For the meantime, a couple of sleep from now, I’m off back to Visayas again for more photo safari exploration.