Northern Vietnam: Same same, but different

Sunset at Hoan Kiem Lake

Waiting for the Sunset at Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi

“Same Same… but different” is one of the popular quotes you’ll see and hear when you visit Vietnam. And it’s funny in much ways this is how I saw things as well during my recent visit to Northern Vietnam with my buddy Lagal[og]. I guess it’s one of those trips where I’m reminded more of home and really appreciate what we got. Don’t get me wrong, Vietnam and it’s natural wonders have a unique charm on their own, but I found it not that far being a neighboring country of the Philippines.

Cruising at Ha Long Bay

Cruising along thousands of karst at Ha Long Bay

If during my first trip to Central Vietnam focused more on historical architecture and dynasties, the Northern Vietnam showcased one of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage site, Ha Long Bay and also traversing the mountainous regions of Sapa to get up close with several Hmong and Dao ethnic minorities. Also navigating the busy streets of the Old Quarters in Hanoi.

A black Hmong Vendor at Sapa Valley

Getting upclose with the Hmong Minorities at Sapa Valley

I know I got tons of lag post on my recent trips so am just posting this as another quick preview of what’s on ahead. This Northern Vietnam trip was another memorable travel. It’s not all about the sights and food we ate, but the great company you keep and the people you meet along the way. Details of the trip soon.