Manila: Misa de Gallo at Binondo

Simbang Gabi at Binondo Church

Misa de gallo at Binondo Church

One of my favorite places in Manila is Binondo. Its Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz, popularly known as the Binondo Church also shares a fare number of crowd during Simbang Gabi. It isn’t surprising since the Church is located beside the busy street of Quentin Paredes Road near the main Plaza of Binondo. It was a chilly morning and the lights of the plaza were well lit that night and we can’t help notice the huge crowd right at the church portal.

Binondo Simbang Gabi Doors

Spilling mass going crowds at Binondo Church Portal

The sight of a number of security and police personnel that morning gave a reassurance of safety. They told us about those bad elements lurking the streets stalking unlikely victims who were going to the early mass. Taking photos of the Binondo Church was also tricky with endless vehicles passing by in front leaving light trails along. Simbang Gabi Mass usually ends by 5:30am after which church goers would go by the nearest eateries for their breakfast.

Binondo Simbang Gabi

Binondo Church Simbang Gabi Street Crowd

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