Ironwulf’s New Year, New Destinations Contest 2009

Approaching Mantigue Island

Approaching Mantigue Island

UPDATE: Contest Ended. Winners to be announced on January 23, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!
I’m still out traveling at this time but would want to greet everyone a Happy New Year! The past year is one of the best years in my travel. Aside from the number of adventure travels I had in 2008 there’s a lot to be thankful. I’ll reserve my Best of 2008 when I get back. 2009 brings lots of new opportunities for travel and what better way to start the new year but with a mini-contest.

Ironwulf XWrap - Ballistic Armor Wrap

Ironwulf XWrap – Ballistic Armor Wrap

This is just something to give back a little to the my blog readers for making 2008 a great year. Mechanics are just simple. Just blog the answers to the following questions and trackback/comment them back on this post Just comment here answering the questions below. Make sure you have a valid email address so I can contact you in case you won.:

1. What is your Dream Destination in the Philippines for 2009 and why?

2. What are the top 2 Philippines Destination would you like Ironwulf to visit/cover next in 2009 and why?

Simple eh? I just thought it would be interesting what my readers would like to visit next. On the second question, while I may have some ideas on where to go like what I did last year, it would be real interesting to know what my readers would like to see and read about here in So feel free to comment on the Philippine destinations that you would want me to cover for 2009. It doesn’t matter if the destination has been featured here before and I’ll try my very best to visit the place as long as my resources allow it.

Ironwulf Snap Watch

Ironwulf Snap Watch Series II

To make things a bit interesting, I’m giving away 2 items to Two Winners.

Raffle Prize – An XWRAP 45 Ballistic Armor Wrap: I personally use this item and it’s very handy. Anything can be wrapped here not just your photographic gears like your DSLR and Lenses. Compact cameras, Video Cameras, MP3 players, PSP and even your Netbooks can be wrapped. The XWRAP is made of Tough and Water Repellant “1680” Ballistic Nylon outside and a smooth Soft Satin inside. There’s a strong Hook n’ Loop adhesion to keep your items intact.

Best Comment Entry Prize – Waterproof Snap Watch Series II
: I mentioned this item before. I really liked this Snap Watch that I’m willing to give a piece. It’s a Go-Anywhere Watch made up of Climbing Rope snapped together on a waterproof watch.

The XWRAP 45 Ballistic Armor Wrap will be raffled off randomly while the Snap Watch Series II will be given to the Best Blog Entry I have read and I will read each one. Only Philippine Residents or with Philippine Representatives are eligible to enter. I hope you guys like the prizes and hopefully I can get bigger ones in the future. Prizes will be shipped to the winners.

Deadline of the contest is on January 16, 2009.

Once again, Happy New Year everyone! Thank you very much for the great 2008 I’m sure 2009 would be better. More blessings for the new year!

UPDATE: Contest Ended. Winners to be announced on January 23, 2009