Malasyia: Wonders of Aquaria

Aquaria KLCC Ticket Counters

Aquaria KLCC Ticket Counters

Coming from the Petronas Skybridge we went down the basement level of KLCC Suriya Mall and headed to a long pedestrian tunnel going to the Concourse level of Kuala Lumpur Convention Center to visit the Aquaria KLCC. I’m excited to see this and see how different it is from our very own Manila Ocean Park.

Aquaria KLCC Piranha Feeding Center

Piranha Feeding Center

Entrance for an adult is 38 RM for the whole Aquaria section. And first thing that greeted us at the entrance is the school of Piranhas. First time I’ve seen them. They may be dangerous but they have beautiful sparkling scales. Followed are exhibits on underwater creatures which produces electricity.

Aquaria KLCC Visitors

Aquaria Visitors viewing the exhibits

The length of the exhibit is divided in sections. First is the Highlands, then the Jewels of the Jungle, descending to the watery areas of the Flooded forest, moving to the beach which is Coastal, getting deeper to the Living Reef then the outstanding Living Ocean.

Aquaria KLCC Jewels of the Jungle Hall

Jewels of the Jungle Hall

It was really fun going through all of them. It was both educational and entertaining. I was able to see creatures I’ve never seen before like the red-bellied piranhas, hawksbill and snap turtles, Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Blotched Fantail Ray and other unique animals that I forgot their name. I’ve seen Arapaimas but they’re more chilling seen at large swimming at the Amazon Forest Aquarium.

Aquaria KLCC Malaysian Rainforest

Aquaria KLCC Malaysian Rainforest Section

In Manila Ocean Park (MOP) I marveled at the walkway but this one is way longer going towards the exit. The tunnel which is part of the Living Ocean section also has a walkalator. This is where we see sand tiger sharks and the Fantail Ray. Amazing.

The Living Ocean Tunnel Video

If you ask me if Aquaria is better than MOP I can’t really say since I haven’t really been back since it’s opening. But I can say I like the space and layout of MOP better and can say it has competent exhibits but Aquaria has a lot more really interesting collections. Definitely, both left me amazed and educated after I left the place.