Malaysia: Sunway Lagoon and Euphoria by the Ministry of Sound

Sunway Lagoon Resort Pool and Hotels

Sunway Lagoon Resort Pool and 5-star Hotels

Coming in late at night the day before gave us only a limited amount of sleep. So by afternoon we were already loosing energy. Our drive to Petaling Jaya, Selangor for the Sunway Lagoon Resort from the Tugu Negara rendered most of us snatching some sleep. It was a 30 minutes drive. Good thing roads in Malaysia are smooth and wide. We arrived at Sunway Pyramid Mall where we had our lunch then an hour later we went down to Malaysia’s Premiere theme park, the Sunway Lagoon.

Sunway Lagoon Resort Cameron Climb

Water fun splash at the Cameron Climb

It took us several escalators before we descended into the entrance of the park. Sunway Lagoon is a fully-integrated resort park as nearby it has a mall and a 5-star hotel in the complex. Entrance varies depending on access of the park sections. There are actually 5 parks – The Water Park, Amusement Park, Wild Life Park, Extreme Park and Scream Park.

Sunway Lagoon Resort Tomahawk

The gut churning Tomahawk

Access to all parks is RM 90, 3 parks which include the Water Park and Amusement Park with a choice of one othe other remaining parks is RM 75. 2 Parks (Water Park and Amusement Park) for RM 60. A single Park for RM 45. We were given a Wrist Band which has access to the parks which has a deposit of RM 10.

Sunway Lagoon Pirate's Revenge

Scream Park’s Pirate’s Revenge

Before we came here, we were contemplating whether we should bring clothes to swim. But since everyone were a bit tired, we didn’t bother to bring extra clothes and boy did we regret it. Going around the park made us really envious of the people enjoying the pool and the water park.

Sunway Lagoon Resort  Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

Sunway Lagoon Resort Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

Since we can’t enjoy the pool or the rides at the Water Park, we just contented ourselves with the dry attractions. We went to the scream park and tried our first ride, the Tomahawk which was a really gut-churning ride. It’s probably the nastiest ride I’ve been but it was really fun. We were all sweaty after screaming our heads off after the ride.

Sunway Lagoon Volcano

Sunway Lagoon Volcano

We decided to slow down and cross the Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge in the world. We thought it will give us an overall view of the whole park. It was indeed long and we saw another crazy ride from afar called, The Pirate’s Revenge. It’s their own version of EK’s Anchor’s Away but this one doesn’t just swing at 180 degrees but does a full 360 degrees swing.

Sunway Lagoon Resort Surfers

Sunway Lagoon Resort Surfers

Going through the length of the bridge really made us cringe more as we saw all the ride and waters we can enjoy if we brought extra cloths with us. At that time we just have to content seeing people enjoy the artificial surf, Going down through the flying fox or simply enjoying the waters.

Ministry of Sound Building

Euphoria by Ministry of sound

We left around 5pm to check out Euphoria by Ministry of Sound nearby. We were supposed to go there to check out the club scene but it opens at 10pm. Since we were not realy high in energy at that time and can’t wait wait that long hours for it to open. Good thing we were allowed to check out the place.

Ministry of Sound Entrance Lobby

Ministry of Sound Entrance Lobby

Ministry of Sound is a famous worldwide club chain and it has a branch here in Malaysia which is part of the whole Sunway Lagoon complex. The building has different sections and we only got to see a couple which was empty at that time. They have really complicated lighting system on the main dance floor and the main lobby is filled with designer chairs. It would be interesting to see the light show here.

Ministry of Sound Bar Interiors

Dance floor bar design.

We drove back to the city. If ever I come back here I’ll sure spend a whole day enjoying the Sunway Lagoon theme park. For the meantime we just have to content at having a taste of the place. When we got back to the Kuala Lumpur, we had dinner at Jalan Imbi to get a taste of Klang’s Famous Bak Kut Teh at Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh restaurant (Check out happyfoodies for the details). We retired early today so we can rest up and be fresh for the formal event the next day.