Take U to the Philippines Music Video by Apl.de.ap Preview

Black Eyed Peas Concert in Fort Canning Singapore

Black Eyed Peas in F1 Rocks Concert, Fort Canning, Singapore

Department of Tourism Philippines and MTV Asia has a joint project soon to be launched first thing in October. We were fortunate enough to get an exclusive preview of their collaboration with renowned Filipino-American Apl.de.ap (Allan Pineda Lindo) of Black Eyed Peas called “Take U to the Philippines”

Take U to the Philippines by Apl.de.ap

Here’s a preview of the official Apl.de.ap’s “Take U to the Philippines” Music video. Apl.de.ap produced the video from song to shoot. I will upload a better quality soon but do tell me what you think of the video and his song.

Ironwulf Interviews Sec Ace Durano and Under Sec Ed Jarque

And here’s my 10-minute interview with Department of Tourism Sec Ace Durano and Under Sec Ed Jarque. We talked about some trivial stuff as to their favorite places in the Philippines, their travel music, things they bring, working Apl.de.ap on the “Take Me to the Philippines” Project and also his legacy for the DOT.

Group interview with Apl.de.ap at Supper Club, Singapore

While we were in Singapore, I was half-hearted about everything here when we learned about the calamity that struck Metro Manila. Some of the participant’s family with us were victims which made it really hard for us to fully enjoy our time. I’m glad my family was spared but I also would like to lend a hand or give something to the victims how little I can. I can’t really do much about things here but do what I ought to do here. Our interview with Apl.de.ap of Black Eyed Peas that night inspired us once again about being a Filipino. Here he talks about not only his new Music Video, but also his food, his childhood memories, Jeepney Music and his plan to help the Filipino Flood Victims in Metro Manila. It’s just really inspiring to hear his story from him riding a kalabaw all the way up there at the center stage.

Here’s the Lyrics to the song.

I’ll Take You to the Philippines
Jeepney Music

I’ll take you to the Philippines
I’ll take you to the Philippines
I’ll take you to the Philippines
(Take it back, Take it back, Take it back)
(We can go there… We can go there)

Jump on a plane, pro’ly jump on a train
Just you and me yeah just you and me
I can take you where i come from right
Where the water’s so warm with the sunlight
Shine all day
really shine all night
Ma, i like you
Yeah i like you
She shine al day all night too
I could be your boyfriend
i could wife you

Let me take you to the place where i come from
take you to my hometown cause i wantcha
Where it rains all day no thunda
Let me take to my land Pampanga

I’ll take you to the Philippines
I’ll take you to the Philippines
I’ll take you to the Philippines

*The videos were shot with an Olympus E-P1 except for the Apl.de.ap interview which was shot with a Nokia N82