Baguio: Gear up for Ambuklao and Kennon Road Eco-Adventure

Ambuklao Geared up for Kayak

All geared up for Ambuklao Kayaking

Baguio has always been known as the summer capital. People flock here to enjoy the cool weather, great food and shopping. Aside from that, it’s the gateway to the northern mountains like climbing Mt. Pulag or when heading to Sagada. But Baguio is gearing up to make people stay within city vicinity by introducing eco-adventures around Baguio.

Ambuklao River and Mountains

Ambuklao River and Mountains

I still remember the first time when I passed by the Ambuklao road heading to Mt Pulag for my first climb there. It still a dirt road and real rugged. We stopped by Ambuklao Dam just to take pictures of the view. And I can definitely say it’s one of the places in the Philippines that people can mistake it as part of another country on a picture. Sweeping mountains of Bokod, Benguet and snaking river system cutting through makes it all postcard perfect.

Ambuklao Dam

Ambuklao Dam afar

Our driver told us that Ambuklao is only an hour away from Baguio which surprised me at first as I remember it took longer than that. And it was true; it took at least an hour only because of the paved road now. But this time we went further up past the Ambuklao Dam to one of the sites for Baguios Eco-adventure.

Ambuklao Fishing

Ambuklao Freshwater Fishin

Freshwater fishing is one activity Baguio is promoting here. While I’m not much into the sport I think the most attractive activity here is kayaking. Ambuklao River has different degrees of difficulty making it exciting for both beginners and experts.

Ambuklao Kayaking Intro

kayaking introduction

If you’re worried of not having any gears, Baguio Convention and Visitors Bureau (BCVB), who organizes the tour, have equipments for rental. They’ll even conduct guided lectures for beginners to get started on their adventure.

Ambuklao Kayaking

Kayaking Ambuklao River

On the other side of the Baguio spectrum down to Kennon Road, hold on to your ropes for another kind of activity. They have rappelling at the Kennon Road Bridge. It’s pretty high and is definitely not for the faint heart. Side from these activities, they mentioned they have hiking trails and spelunking on other areas. It’s just that we have no time to check it out. I for one is glad that Baguio is introducing these new activities so visitors need not have to go further if time won’t allow them.

Kenon Road Rappelling

Rappelling at Kennon Road

Baguio Convention and Visitors Bureau

Ambuklao River

Ambuklao river the cloud covered mountains

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