El Nido: Caalan Beach Views in Changing Light

El Nido Caalan Beach Cadlao Twilight View

Cadlao Island and the rugged coast of Caalan Beach

This is what I have to go through every day during my stay in El Nido. Staying in Hadefe Cottages meant that I have to walk 10 minutes or so to and fro town on a dusty track going by the shore. On occasions I ask myself, why we don’t move somewhere more convenient like the other half of our group staying at the center of town. My roomie insist that it’s been a while since he has walked around and had a good exercise as well. When we reach that corner after the cemetery I remember why I like this place. I never tire of the views here in Caalan.

El Nido Town and Limestones Morning

View of El Nido town hugged by the Limestone Cliffs

At morning when the tide is low, Caalan reveals its rugged seascape. There is no good sunrise in El Nido since it faces the western side of Palawan but the scene on how the sun lights the side of the limestone cliffs hugging the town is dramatic. The town is another story. I just find the bay too littered with boats.

Road to Caalan

Caalan Road Guard House view heading to El Nido Town

There is also no good sunset in El Nido town. The Towering lime stones blocks the sun as it sets. But in Caalaan, you get a sliver of view between these limestones and Cadlao Island. The tide is also high on these rugged shores offering potentially nice seascapes.

El Nido Caalan Beach Hammock and Cadlao

Beach Hammock and Cadlao Island

The beach is said to be good for snorkeling as I saw a lot of kids enjoying snorkeling in this parts in the afternoon. In fact when I was shooting during the twilight, I saw a baby sting-ray about 2-3 feet long swimming along the rocks so close to shore. It fascinated me so much it made me wonder what more I could see in these waters.

El Nido Caalan Beach Fishermen

Fishing boat and Island Gradients

I also tried my luck shooting some star trails at night here. Since there is little light pollution here, there is a good potential for star trails. You just have to find the right axis. But sleep got the best of me after a few tries.

El Nido Caalan Beach By the Guardhouse

Caalan Guardhouse and Cadlao Island twilight

And one full moon night I woke up early morning wondering what that orange light was I’m seeing from our window. Then I realized it was the moon setting in the west it was so bright and beautiful I immediately took my camera and tried to catch it. I was a little too late though but it’s the most colorful setting moon I’ve ever seen.

El Nido Caalan Beach Cadlao Star Streaks

Catching the Star trails from Hadefe

Staying at Caalan Beach may be bit of an effort but I really appreciate the refreshing scenery it offers just going through its dirt road every day. Besides, walking at least 1km each day is an added exercise bonus.

El Nido Caalan Beach Cadlao Setting Moon

After the moon set

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