Backpack Photography Banaue 101 March 2011

BP Banaue 101 March 2011
Learn the Fundamentals in BP Banaue Photography 101

We’re bringing back Backpack Photography Banaue 101 this year. This workshop is geared towards beginners starting out in photography or people who would like to refresh their photography know-how. As always BP is all about learning the fundamentals and practical tips in photography and applying the knowledge on the field. BP Banaue 101 will be held in March 4-5, 2011 and is limited to 15 participants only. Read further for details.

Images from BP Banaue Photography 101 Batch 2010 Participants

Whom is this workshop for? Beginners who wants to get started on photography. Refreshers or photographers who wants to take photos in Banaue

What to expect? Cultural immersion, light hiking and output review and sharing.


Day 1 – The day’s initial activity are the lectures on photography. By the afternoon, we’ll get to apply the concepts through an Ifugao Cultural immersion at the Banaue Ethnic Village.

Day 2 – We start early and travel to scenic spots in Banaue including the Banaue Terraces and expect a manageable light hike at the Hapao Terraces. (Batad is also an option but depends on capability of most of the participants to undertake the strenuous hike)

Day 3 – We do a review and sharing session of images as well as formally close the workshop. We’ll have some free time in the afternoon to let the participants rest and relax before leaving for Manila in the evening.

Dates: March 4-6, 2011

Workshop Fee: P9,500

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