Ironwulf Goes TravelMindanao

Travel Mindanao and organizers
Travel Mindanao and organizers

This month of November, I along with 7 other travel bloggers will give some travel loving to the much maligned Philippine region of Mindanao. Yes, starting November 6, we’ll be exploring Mindanao to experience and share with you destinations where you can safely travel through yet enjoy stunning nature trips, extreme adventures, mouth-watering delicacies, rich culture and the unique warmth of Mindnanoans. Let us change your perception of Mindanao and hopefully this TravelMindanao project would entice you to book your next travel here.

From this point on, I’ll be sharing dispatches here during th trip but I encourage you to follow us collectively through our site and our facebook page

About TravelMindanao

#TravelMindanao is a project to extensively cover and travel Mindanao, and a call to action in encouraging Filipinos and foreigners to travel voraciously to Mindanao. Travel bloggers showcase destinations in the Philippines. This is no different. However, what separates this project is a unified approach by a group of travel bloggers, and digital influencers in the aim to influence, and give the Southern Philippines the attention as a travel destination through this project.