Ironwulf En Route Wishes Happy New Year and the Best in 2015!

Best wishes this 2015!!!
Best wishes this 2015!!!

I’ll just make this short and sweet! For a change I won’t be doing an extensive round-up for the year. Yes I’ve been to many places, returned to some favorite destinations and met new amazing people along the way. Those travels won’t be possible without help from my clients who trusted me to do their work. Many of this year’s travel are work related but I’m glad I was able to squeeze in some “me time through it. My deepest thanks as well as always to you my dear readers who have always been there. To my fellow travel bloggers for the continued inspiration. And to the awesome people I was able to share the road with. I’ve always believed that the people we meet (good or bad) shape us to who we are now. Lessons learned, we move on and become better persons ourselves. Like each new year, I know it would always be better than the last. And so I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

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Instagram Roundup

Like I said earlier, I won’t be making any year end roundup but I did a series of post in Instagram rounding up the year. Do support this site and follow my Instagram and other social media sites like facebook, google+ and twitter. And if you are booking a hotel through Agoda, kindly book through this here as it would help me maintain this site. Those are my only wishes for the new year! Best wishes!!! 🙂