Beautiful Destinations to Explore in 2019

With the New Year almost here, it is time to start planning for vacations and getaways. Here are some of the most beautiful destinations to explore in 2019.

Virgin Island Bantayan Cebu
Virgin Island Bantayan Cebu

With the New Year almost here, it is time to start planning for vacations and getaways. Here are some of the most beautiful destinations to explore in 2019.

Chinese new year at China Town
Chinese new year at China Town

The Philippines

This Southeast Asian country in the WesternPacific comprises over 7,000 islands, with its capital city of Manila being the nation’s main of several attractions. Manila is renowned for its waterfront boulevard and ages old Chinatown. In the heart of Old Manila is Intramuros, an enclosed city home to the ornamental 17th century San Agustin Cathedral in addition to Fort Santiago, the Philippines’ most famous citadel. The white beaches of Boracay are natural wonders that cannot be missed. The scenic views from Mount Luho are a treat as well. For diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, a trip to seaside Cebu City is a must. You can find out about our five favourite islands here.

forest view, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica, 1999_11_14 002.jpg

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a rocky rainforest covered Central American republic sharing coasts with the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.San Jose, its capital has numerous cultural institutes like the Pre-Columbian Gold Arts Centre and several other architectural wonders. However, the country of Costa Rica should be visited for its beaches, national parks, volcanoes and diverse wildlife which boast of indigenous creatures like the spider monkey and quetzal birds. If you’re an animal enthusiast then taking a tour of Costa Rica will allow you to see many amazing animals in their natural habitats. The Manuel Antonio National Park and Monteverde’s Cloud Forest Reserve are must visit for exploring the forests and hiking past waterfalls and volcanoes.

St John's peak from afar


The Southeast Asian island of Borneo is blessed with luminous aquatic surroundings, white beaches and is home to diverse wildlife which includes rare species of orangutans and clouded leopards. This place is also home to the renowned Mount Kinabalu. Although some regions of the islands are not travelable, the regions which are open for travel offer shorelines and several chances to spot exotic fishes and endangered creatures like the ‘dugong’. The Mantini Islands are a must visit.

Verte crête


Auvergne is a historic section of central France and a part of the famous hiking trail of Auvergne, Rhône, and Alpes. The rural and hilly region has huge forests and inactive volcanoes, for instance, the Puy de Dôme. The region also has several natural hot springs and spa towns like Vichy which offer amazing relaxation to hikers and bikers.

Barbados 2010 - Catamaran


A holiday to Barbados can be whatever you want it to be, this exotic island offers visitors a wide-ranging package of beautiful white sand beaches, complemented with coconut palm trees and serene guesthouses. The sea water in Barbados is magical as it changes its blue hue during the day. Barbados is a tropical island so it is blessed with great vegetation, fresh and delightful vegetables. The island also features a strong population of exotic birds and animals including rare species of blackbirds, wood-doves, and tortoises. These magnificent creatures can be spotted while hiking across the Caribbean island.



The Scottish Highlands is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Sparsely populated with an abundance of castles,Scotland offers visitors a sense of solitude that is heavenly. Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, and incredible glacial glens.

These places each offer something unique. For all travel enthusiasts, these are must-visits!