10 Tips for A Visit To Berlin

Are you planning on visiting Berlin? Here are some useful tips to make your stay amazing!

Are you planning on visiting Berlin? Here are some useful tips to make your stay amazing!

1. Do you love saving on everything? Well, you should purchase the Postdam Welcome card which is a handy Berlin pass. Here, you can enjoy discounted rates when on public transport whether going to the city or to the close surroundings. Even better, you can enjoy amazing discounts at theaters and museums. 

2. Most of the institutions in Berlin are closed on Mondays. Therefore, you can enjoy excursions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can visit the museums and exhibition galleries since they open late on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

3. When speaking to the local residents, you should use their names or positions. If you don’t know their names or designations, you should use the standard ones such as ‘Herr Doctor’. Note that, the word ‘doctor’ has a few meanings in Germany so it’s appropriate when talking to people of different professions.

Cafe' Cinema
Cafe’ Cinema Berline

4. When you enter a café or restaurant, always use the word ‘Mahlzeit’ to greet everyone present. It means ‘bon appetit’. 

5. You will find a store on every street in Berlin, whether you are looking for small souvenir shops or fashion boutiques. Learn more about these shops and make the most of your Berlin visit

Transport in Berlin

6. Using public transport to travel around Berlin is very convenient. There is a diverse transport chain with trolley-buses, buses and trams as well as trains and the underground subway. The latter access all the important areas of Berlin. Note that, there some buses and trolley buses that run through the city even at night.

7. If you are planning to walk around, you should always carry your passport and hotel card to avoid any issues along the way.

8. You will find many internet cafés in the city. Many cafés and large bars have free Wi-Fi access. 

9. Don’t put yourself at risk by bringing a lot of cash with you. Rather, you can bring along your credit cards when you visit Berlin. They are accepted in the major shopping malls, stores, restaurants and cafés, so you can swipe away without any worries. Of course, you need to notify your credit card company that you will be traveling abroad to avoid any abrupt cancelations. 

10. If you are withdrawing cash, you should do so at Gelaautomat ATMs because they charge a small fee. They are conveniently located near many shopping centers and the major public institutions. 

Enjoy your stay in Berlin with these and many more tips!

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