Whale Watching Cruise: An Incredible Surprise for Any Occasion

Whale watching cruise in Sidney

Buying a gift for a friend or family member can be difficult, most of us end up aimlessly wandering around the shopping mall hoping to find something that they’ll like and not succeeding. It often gets so close to their birthday that we give up on the idea of a perfect gift and go with something generic like a watch, perfume or a piece of jewellery. Instead of the usual, boring present, why not present them with something they’ll never forget?

Whale Watching Sidney

Fun Whale Facts

Humpback whales are charismatic creatures that everyone adores, if you’ve yet to meet one in person, you should book a whale watching cruise right away. If you’ve already booked your trip and you’re waiting in anticipation, here are some cool humpback whale facts to enhance your adventure. 

  • Humpback whales are called mega species because of their size – some are 60 feet long. 
  • They have the longest flippers in the world. 
  • Humpback whales love to show off, they’ll flip, jump, twirl and flap when visitors are around. 
  • Humpback whales have hair. 
  • Male humpbacks are great singers. 
Whale Watching Sidney

Gift for Your Parents

Whale watching in Sydney attracts all kinds of people, from young kids to elderly couples. You’d be surprised at how exciting older adults get when they encounter a humpback whale for the first time in their lives. If one of your parent’s birthday is just around the corner, why not get them something out of the ordinary that will live on in their memory for many years? 

Dismiss the usual materialistic gifts and go with a whale watching trip that promises not to disappoint. It is a great opportunity to get out on the open sea and experience something totally new. 

Gift for a Partner 

If your partners birthday is just around the corner and you are struggling to think of an appropriate gift, look no further that a whale watching tour. Rather than going for the obvious perfume set for your wife or football jersey for your husband, try something new and exhilarating. There is nothing like sharing a memorable day with a humpback whale and their family over the calm blue waters off the coast of Sydney. 

You’ll have the opportunity to watch them jump, play and frolic around the boat as you take videos and pictures. 

Whale Watching Sidney

Surprise Kids Birthday Present

Arranging a party is fine, most kids love it, but why not go that extra mile and bring them on a whale watching excursion. Introducing kids to wildlife and teaching them about the importance of mother nature and its many wonderful creatures is essential for the future of our planet. Plan a family day out and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. 

A whale watching trip is a great gift for almost any occasion, kids, adults and grandparents will all enjoy a beautiful day out with the mesmerising humpback whale. In addition to seeing the humpback, you may even get lucky and set your eyes upon an Orca or a dolphin. If you’d like to give a gift that they’ll never forget, a whale watching trip is something you must consider.