How to easily get a U.S. Visa

Have you ever wondered why some people are so easily given a U.S. visa and others are turned down without being given the opportunity to explain? How can these people get a U.S. visa so easily? -And better yet, how can you do it too?

Most people who leave the embassy with their rejection letters always have the same excuse as why they didn’t give it to them: “I got a bad consul, I wasn’t lucky, etc.”.

It’s not luck!

The American dream can become a reality for anyone who sets out and has the courage to go looking for it no matter who you are or what you do. That’s what the American dream is all about.

All you have to do is have the tools and information you need to get a visa to the United States.

Imagine being able to finally step on American soil where everything is possible and be able to see your family and friends that you haven’t seen in a long time.

How to obtain an American visa

From now on I tell you that it is possible, no matter how many times you have been turned down for an American visa, no matter if you have a low-paid job, no matter how much money you have in the bank, no matter if you don’t have property in your name.

Why do you need a visa to visit the United States?

For Americans, the United States is the best country in the world and they are afraid that a wave of immigrants will “steal” their jobs, destroy their culture, cause their health system to collapse.

It is for this reason that only people from industrialized or perhaps civilized countries can go to the United States without a visa. To this group belong mostly European and Asian countries, none of them Latin American.

It is an irony that a country made up of immigrants now closes its doors to them. The inscription on the Statue of Liberty would no longer be valid. Yes, the one that says “give me your tired, your poor…” should already be removed.

The English came to American territory, took the native lands, drew a line in the sand and arbitrarily said “this is us, we are the best, do not come to spoil the party.

That’s not fair! The world belongs to all of us!

We should all have the opportunity to achieve a better lifestyle. Anyone can go to America. Anyone.

Don’t let a simple paper (visa) destroy your dreams of a better future. Here we are going to tell you how to get the American H1B visas so that in the first instance you can go to visit friends or family as a tourist.

Who gets the American visa?

Now that we know that all Latin Americans are being asked for visas, how can we find out what those who are granted them say or present to do the same as they do?

Many people believe (erroneously) that having a house, car and money in the bank will automatically give them a U.S. visa and yet they are disappointed when they are rejected.

Others believe (also erroneously) that it is luck depending on the mood of the interviewer (consul). Whether it is a woman or a man. Whether she speaks Spanish well and understands well.

The reality is that it is NOTHING about that!

Many of these people don’t know what they did wrong, when the consul gives them the bad news that they are not going to be granted a visa to the United States and that they must go back to their homes?

As to know the thoughts of those who attend the consulate, I tell you that immigration law stipulates that “anyone who applies for a visa to the United States intends to stay.  Yes, that’s exactly how you read it. So from the first moment you have to work to convince them that you come out of that rule.

In order to be granted an American visa it is necessary for you to demonstrate that your intention is not to stay and live in the United States, but to go, go sightseeing, shop and enjoy all the technology and the wonders that that country has to offer you.

And how do you prove it?

According to the American consulate, in order to obtain a visitor’s visa, you must prove that:

– The purpose of your trip is pleasure, business or medical treatment.

– You are going to stay a specific time.

– You have residency outside the U.S. and other economic and social ties that guarantee that you will return to your country.

That’s what they tell you, however, the information you receive is very general and vague, they will never tell you specifically what you must do and bring to be successful in the process. Sometimes it seems like some people even enjoy watching people beg for visas.

According to their statistics, the majority of those who present themselves to apply for a visa do not go for tourism or to do business, so you will have to overcome that bad predisposition they have with the applicant.

You will also need to be informed about the types of non-immigrant visas in order to process your visa correctly.

And what information do I need to obtain a visa?

Dude, I’ve seen the desperate face of people who go to the consulate to look for a visa and say any nonsense in the interview. Once I even wanted to stop and yell “Don’t say that! Then they always come out disappointed and talk to their relatives outside and tell them how they were treated, as if they were worthless, as if they were criminals who have no right to go to their “great country”.

I, too, have felt that frustration. Although I wanted to help at the time, I didn’t know how. So I started researching and consulting with several immigration attorneys and dozens of people who have been granted visas and others who have been turned down and finally wrote a manual to help all those people who are going in search of a dream. It took me months, but I finally finished it.

I compiled everything that the lawyers and these people I interviewed told me and made a summary that constitutes a step-by-step guide that you can download to your computer (instructions below).

In the guide I tell you specifically what you have to do, what you have to wear and what you have to say to get a visa. I also tell you exactly how to fill out each item on the forms.

The guide explains how to set up a strategy and how to prepare for your interview with the consul.

Blank passport with US dollars on wood table over Travel Aviation Insurance application form

Why is it important to go with a strategy?

After September 11, 2001 the application process has been modified and all applicants are required to be interviewed.

And like the police TV series, anything you say can be used against you!

Americans like to work using a system. In other words, the process to approve or reject your visa goes through pre-established rules, and if each rule is not followed, the consul cannot give you a visa.

It is true that each case is different, but all go through the same control.

If you are prepared and know what to do, what to put in and what to say, the chances of being given a visa are greatly increased!

Consuls have to interview hundreds of cases a day. There’s nothing that impresses them or that they haven’t heard before. That’s why you can’t go to the interview to improvise, you have to be prepared. The employees of the consulate already know it all.

Whatever you do, always be prepared for your battle with the consul. You want to go to the United States and he wants to stop you.

The consul will shoot you with a flurry of questions and if he finds you out of shape you can say goodbye to the American visa.

And that’s precisely what the guide does: it arms you to the teeth so that you have something to defend yourself against the questions and overcome the only obstacle that separates you from going to Disney with your family.