Profitable Job Types That Allow You to Travel the World As a Digital Nomad


Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a living without feeling like you’re working yourself into the ground? All too often, we long to live the life of working smart and not hard but all we ever end up doing is not only working hard but draining ourselves physically and mentally. And for what? Two weeks’ worth of vacation time?

Unfortunately, that’s the working standard for lots of people. It’s manageable, but for those who love to travel, it can be debilitating. The great news is that there is a way to get you away from that desk and toxic work environment to start living a life of travel versus having to wait until you’ve built up enough vacation time to enjoy it. This new way of earning a living is called living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Thanks to the emergence of high-speed internet, living the digital nomad lifestyle has been easier and more convenient than ever. It’s because of the high-speed internet that you have the ability to conduct business from anywhere in the world. And that alone is one of the biggest reasons more and more people are looking into what it takes to become a digital nomad.

In fact, a study conducted by MBO Partners, states that 7.3 million Americans call themselves digital nomads. So why are people all about the digital nomad lifestyle? Well, it’s because of the biggest perk it offers people. 

The Biggest “Perk” of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

People who are fascinated with the digital nomad lifestyle tend to look at the obvious, as the perk. If you want to watch the sunset at Bonbon Beach or live in Greece for a few months, go for it! Then again, if you want to stay in Miami for two weeks then come back home for two weeks, you can do that too.

People look at the ability to travel all over the world as the perk. Granted, being able to live wherever you want is definitely a perk of the digital nomad lifestyle but people aren’t seeing the BIG picture.

The biggest perk about the digital nomad lifestyle is the freedom it gives travelers. Digital nomads are able to live wherever they want and can do whatever they want because they have the freedom to do it… it’s the choice. 

Imagine, one day you’re doing freelance work for a couple of clients and then for the next couple of days, you’re doing some work for the company you work for remotely… You have the flexibility and freedom to do this as a digital nomad… and THAT is the reason so many people are ditching their 9 to 5 jobs and living a life of complete freedom.

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Profitable Jobs That Allow You to Live the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Now, although the digital nomad lifestyle allows you the freedom to travel wherever you want, it’s important to understand that you indeed do have to work in order to maintain this freeing lifestyle. People sometimes get this confused look on their faces when you mention the fact that you have to work…

This whole time, people will have it in their minds that they want to live the digital nomad lifestyle, thinking that all they’ll be doing is traveling and somehow make money doing but never factor in actually working. In fact, thinking the digital nomads are on a constant vacation is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about the lifestyle, according to the Huffington Post.

So, to set the record straight, you do indeed have to work in order to live your life as a digital nomad, just as you have to work to maintain your current lifestyle at your full-time job. The only difference is that your work as a digital nomad is primarily working online. Because your work will be internet-based, here are some of the most profitable jobs you can work as a digital nomad.

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Online consultant

Online Consultant

If you have the education and professional experience as a consultant in a particular field, for example, dating and relationships or project management, then you have the opportunity to earn income with your services as an online consultant.

People typically think of consultants as experts who have to go into an office and give people or companies their expert advice… that’s how it used to be but now your services can be provided online or on a conference call. Online tools like Skype is a great way to conduct business calls, allowing you to easily stay in contact with your client in case they have any questions or concerns.

Remember, you’re an expert in your field and it’s not your physical presence clients need… it’s your expert advice they need, which can all be done online or over the phone.

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Online Business Owner

For so long, the idea of owning a business meant having a physical store location but in today’s digital era, you can own a profitable business simply through high-speed internet!. Owning an online business has provided a steady income for many digital nomads with no signs of slowing down. It’s one of the most popular ways to earn an income because it gives you the flexibility to freely move about the country.

You have the option of selling handmade items or selling items you never have to store through dropshipping. You can build and run your online store with just a few clicks and enjoy the perks of watching your business work for you.   

Virtual Tutor

Maybe you’ve always been great in science or have always had a deep love for math… Excelling in certain areas of study gives you all the tools you need to become a virtual tutor. As a virtual tutor, you’re going to be helping students that need a bit of extra help in the areas you’re an expert in.

The great aspect of being a virtual tutor is that you can work on an as-needed basis or you can set up schedules with some of your students, depending on their academic needs. You set your own rate but on average, most online tutors make about $20 an hour but it’s all dependent on your requirements, subject matter, etc… you make your own rules and set your own price.