Online Language Tutoring is the Perfect Digital Nomad Business

Do you desire the travel lifestyle we regularly feature here but don’t have the funds? Do you fear running out of money while out of the country because of unexpected costs? You’re not alone – these are the types of things travelers worry about all the time. Yet thanks to online technology, you can work from almost anywhere. That’s why the digital nomad lifestyle is so popular today – you can travel the globe and fund travel through remote working. Writing and photography are popular, but there is a growing trend for online language tutoring.

Here are some reasons you should teach languages online while you travel the globe.

Want to Work from Anywhere? Try Online Language Tutoring

So long as your destination has a stable connection, you can teach languages online from anywhere. Teach from the flight from New York to London one week and from a coffee shop in Paris the next. It really doesn’t matter; you can deliver online language lessons anywhere you find a connection.

If you’re in a relevant country, it can add authenticity to the student experience. Immersive education is a big thing and evidence suggests such immersion and real-world experiences can help your students learn better and faster. Imagine tutoring online language lessons to someone in the US after visiting Buckingham Palace, using that example to teach your student. Start tutoring at Preply today to make the most of your travels.

Online Language Tutoring Helps You Work to Your Schedule

The life of a digital nomad juggles working with travel experiences. As your own boss you are not limited by the days you work, nor by the number of patterns of hours. If you want to see the sites of the country you’re currently in by day and teach languages online at night (or vice versa) you can. You can also deliver online language lessons in the mornings and relax in the afternoons and evenings. There is no limit. Working to your online language tutoring lessons schedule means there are no rules to when or where, or how. So long as you can find a student where study hours are in synch, it’s perfectly possible to make a career online tutoring. 

Online learning
Online learning

Why Should You Start Earning With Online Language Tutoring?

Indeed, why teach languages online rather than write, take photos, or monetize a website chronicling your travels? Surprisingly, there are many reasons to teach online language lessons.

The first reason is that sites like Preply are crying out for new online language tutors. There is no shortage of students wanting to learn a second or even a third language to help them achieve their career or personal goals.

The second reason is that travel blogging is a saturated market, as is travel photography and related creative pursuits. You may not sell any photos or get enough click throughs or ad revenue. Travel blogging is hard work, you need to update your social media and sites regularly with no guarantee of return. Fatigue is a common problem.

To teach languages online requires a lot less research than any other form of teaching. In that respect, it is one of the easiest forms of teaching while traveling as a digital nomad. You will need to research lesson preparation, of course. You can’t get away from prep or research completely.

Students also learn faster where there is passion for the subject. If you are traveling through Mexico and teaching Spanish to an American in Oregon, you will impart some of your passion for the Spanish language and Mexican culture. You will gain a reputation as a passionate and brilliant language teacher.