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Kambal Busay Falls and Hidden Falls in Sorsogon

Often times from experience of chasing waterfalls, some of the most majestic falls comes after an arduous journey. That’s why it was quite a delight to discover the Kambal Busay Falls and Hidden Falls in Bulusan, Sorsogon. One of the most accessible falls I’ve been to but it retains its pristine beauty and developed with care.

Zoe’s Resort and Ecopark

Our drive along a winding road led us to the slopes of Mt Bulusan in Sorsogon to visit Zoe’s Resort and Ecopark. Within it’s lush environ and dirt roads is an eco park with man-made pools and natural attractions. Our van navigated its way to the resort’s parking area passing by several “quotes” and “signages” reminding us to enjoy nature in a witty fashion.

On our way to Kambal Busay and Hidden Falls
On our way to Kambal Busay and Hidden Falls

As soon as we alighted our vans, we gathered under a canopy of trees and was greeted by our guide to brief us on our visit. There are three waterfalls in the park: Kambal Busay Falls, Hidden Falls and Hulugan Falls. We were only visiting the first two falls as it is the most accessible and what our time only allows. The Hulugan falls is on another direction and would require time for a hike.

Majestic Kambal Busay Falls
Majestic Kambal Busay Falls

Kambal Busay Falls

Since we have limited time, we immediately made our way to the first falls, Kambal Busay Falls. In Google Maps, this was also called Malungoy-lungoy Falls. A set of 160-step stairs leads to what seemed to be carved out pathway at the side of the gorge to make this falls easily accessible. It took only around 10 minutes to carefully descend the steps to see this beautiful falls framed naturally by surrounding vegetations.

Stairs to the falls
Stairs to the falls
The falls in sight
The falls in sight

It is one picturesque falls with gorgeous cascades and swimmable area on the side. If we had more time, I would enjoyed taking a dip here or showering under the falls. The area is clearly still being developed. The viewing area looks like an amphitheater. I just hope they keep the development minimal and not cement the entire area.

The Hidden Falls
The Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls

Continuing to where the stream flows is the Hidden Falls. Just a short walk along the stream, past rocks and flowing river is a narrow gorge. Semi-concealed is the falls. I wasn’t able to get really close to it given the short time. I could see the pour of the falls from the far. I just enjoyed photographing the cascades coming from cavern for now.

Hidden Falls
Heading to the Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls
Crossing rivers and streams

More Eco-adventures

Those waterfalls were a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect them to be as wonderful being so accessible. I wish we had seen the farther Hulugan Falls, but that would be a reason to go back here. It would be nice to stay at this resort for the whole day. There are pools and ATV rides. I’m sure I would be able to spot some birds here too. I would definitely go back given the chance.

Hidden Falls

Park Fees & Rates

Entrance fee (includes access to swimming pools)• Adult – P150
• Seniors and PWDs – P120
• Children – P100
ActivitiesGuide fee for trekking: P350 for 10 people
ATV ride to waterfalls: P150 per 15 minutes
Tractor ride to waterfalls: P50 per person

Resort Facilities

Aside from the three waterfalls, there are facilities visitors can enjoy in the resort. The park is open from 6AM to 6PM only. No overnight accommodations available.

  • Two outdoor pools (cold spring and the “Bloody Pool”)
  • Scad Kapehan alfresco cafeteria
  • Sari-sari store
  • Open cottages for rent ranging from P350 to P2,000 depending on size and capacity
Hidden Falls

How to get here

Zoe’s Resort and Ecopark is located in San Roque, Bulusan, Sorsogon.

Via commute:

  • From Sorsogon City, ride an Irosin-bound jeep then take a tricycle straight to Zoe’s Resort
  • Ride a jeep to Bulusan and asked to be dropped off at baranggay San Roque. Ride a blue tricycle to the resort

Via private transport

  • Key in at Waze or Google Maps and follow directions.

Essential Info

Zoe’s Resort and Ecopark
San Roque, Bulusan, Sorsogon
Mobile: 0948.620.7196
email: [email protected]
Facebook: /Zoesresortt
Instagram: @zoesresort

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