Cocoa Beach Resorts: A Paradise on Earth for Vacationing Families

You can travel anywhere for vacation if you have enough money. Most families don’t have unlimited funds. You probably also don’t have unlimited time you can take off from work.

If you want to travel within the US and need a pleasant vacation spot, maybe comfortable and spacious Cocoa Beach rentals have some appeal. We’ll talk about this sunny and desirable locale in the following article.

Where is Cocoa Beach?

You can find Cocoa Beach in Brevard County, Florida. This area has more than 11,000 permanent residents, but it’s definitely a tourist destination. You can reach it from the Orlando Airport after driving for less than an hour. You can always fly into Orlando and rent a car, or maybe you’ll choose to drive there in your own vehicle if you don’t live all that far away.

Cocoa Beach Florida

What Can You Do There?

The beach is a huge attraction if you think a Cocoa Beach vacation works well for you and your family. Many of the resort hotels have private beaches, and getting up early for a walk along the sand might appeal. You might go for a dip in the ocean before it gets too hot.

You can also swim in your hotel’s pool or walk along the boardwalk and shop for souvenirs. A trinket or T-shirt can commemorate your trip, or maybe you’ll get something more ambitious, like a surfboard.

You can surf when the waves aren’t too rough, or you might charter a boat and go out fishing. You’ll find big game fish in the water out past the breakers. You can land a trophy catch, stuff it, and feature it on your wall at home.

Kennedy Space Center - Space Shuttle Atlantis

What Else Can You Do?

You might also drive to Orlando and spend some time there. Orlando has several museums, water parks, zoos, and other attractions. 

You might check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s open now, and if you have kids who like the famous book series, they will love you forever if you take them there. You might even go if you like the books and don’t have any kids. Some adults are big fans as well.

Maybe you’d prefer a manatee adventure. You can swim with manatees and tour the Everglades. The tickets you’ll buy include lunch, a guide who narrates as you explore, and scuba gear.

You might try the indoor skydiving experience. It’s an indoor facility that’s like skydiving but without the danger. You’ll feel the sensation without jumping out of a plane.

The Kennedy Space Center might appeal as well. Your kids can learn and play at the same time. Maybe you love roller coasters. Take the family and check out Universal’s Islands of Adventure. You’ll discover some of the largest and most terrifying rides in the world.

Cocoa Beach works well for both relaxation and stimulation. You can look into vacation packages today and book for the spring or summer seasons without delay.