Got delayed or cancelled on a flight to and from Europe?  Click2Refund can help you get paid for the inconvenience

So you planned your European travel itinerary meticulously and you’re ready to go. You’ve allotted enough time between connecting flights so you don’t have to keep rushing from flight to flight and just chill out during the short layovers.  And you’ve also calculated your travel budget in detail so you can save some here, then splurge some there.  Then, the unexpected happens – a flight delay or cancellation.  It’s every traveler’s nightmare and one you can’t plan for in advance.

Even just one flight delay or cancellation can mar your well-plotted travel plans, sort of like a domino effect where one brick that topples sends the rest of the itinerary details askew.  Heck, your well-planned trip has instantly turned into a messy exercise in re-plotting, rescheduling, and recalculating your plans and budget.  You sigh in exasperation. There’s little you can do about it as you are at the mercy of the airlines, right?  Well, not really.

Know your rights – get compensated for the inconvenience

While flight delays and cancellations are things out of your control, you can get something out of this experience other than food & hotel vouchers from the airline, plus an annoying anecdote to tell your family and friends when you come back home from the trip.  That’s because you can get compensated for the hassle if your flight got delayed or canceled while traveling on a European airliner or if you experience issues with departure from an airport in a European Union country.  Click2Refund is a company you can count on to intercede on your behalf to get your just compensation – up to 600 Euros – for such an inconvenience.

You’ve suffered more than enough.  Let Click2Refund take care of the legal paperwork and steps

As an individual, you may choose to file a complaint against the airline for the delay or cancelation, but the truth is, most airlines may resort to tactics such as prolonging the complaint processing, hoping to wear you out, or worse, outright ignore or deny your claims.  As a flight delay compensation company, Click2Refund knows you’ve suffered more than enough hence the company simplifies things and intercedes on your behalf, sparing you of the legal paperwork and other necessary steps to pursue your claim. 

No-win, no-fee way of teaming up with you to get your compensation

If you’re worried about costs, it should come as a pleasant surprise that Click2Refund has a no-win, no-fee policy.  The company gets paid if it wins your case.  The company is renowned for its 98% success rate in winning claims, and most claimants get their compensation within 90 days.

To get started, just log on to their website, and enter your flight information to check your eligibility.  

Airport Delay

Check if you are eligible for compensation

As a passenger traveling in Europe (whether departing from an EU airport or flying onboard a European airliner) you are entitled to compensation for a flight delay of more than 3 hours if it is caused by congestion on the runway, overbooking, staffing issues, or plane maintenance as covered under the European Regulation Air Passenger Rights EU261. The total of your compensation is calculated using information such as travel distance and how long the delay occurred. As a caveat, political unrest or nasty weather conditions (termed as extraordinary circumstances) that are beyond the control of the airlines are not included in provisions of EU 261.

The compensation varies and escalates with the increase in the length of the delay, starting with 250 Euros for a 3-hour delay up to 600 Euros should the delay exceeds 4 hours. For flight cancelations, you can get the same amount of compensation too if you are not informed about cancellation or flight change at least 14 days before the flight day.

As a traveler, knowing your rights as a passenger can go a long way toward enjoying your trip, even if a hiccup like a flight delay or cancelation happens.  And having a company like Click2Refund to back you up can be reassuring that you can really get your just compensation should the unexpected delay happens.