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7 Travel Apps that can Help you Plan a Perfect Backpacking Trip

All the travel enthusiasts and backpackers give me a cheer! I personally feel that backpacking is the right way of exploring a city & finding the soul of the place. We are wanderers who love surprises while traveling. 

However, even backpackers need support in critical situations and there are many apps for all such times. In this article, you will come across 7 such apps that every backpacker must have on his/her phone. Check out, how many of those you have on your phone!



Hopper is like your personal travel agent who can help you book the cheapest travel tickets to your desired location. This app has trillions of data points, which helps in arriving at a pattern. It is on the basis of this pattern, that Hopper is able to predict the price rise/fall in tickets in the coming months. 

Apart from flights, you can use this app to book hotels at budget-friendly prices and get good rates on car rentals. You can use this app to change your book dates or even cancel them, without paying charges for the change. If you are not confident about your travel plans but want to book the prices for today, Hopper gives you the option to do that. In short, you can depend upon Hopper to save money on different kinds of bookings. 


Backpacks also need accommodation options that can suit their allotted budget. Putting up in a hostel is the best way to spend hassle-free fun-filled nights within a budget. You not only save money, but you get to meet people from different corners of the world and listen to their stories. You grow so much if you opt to stay in a hostel. 

The best way to find a good hostel is to log into the Hostelworld app. This app lists all the known and dependable hostels in a city. You can see the images of the hostel, read reviews by other fellow travelers, and find all the other details about the hostel. Booking a bed/room via this app is super easy. It also shows you a detailed map to reach the venue hassle-free. 


Kool is like a travel guide but only more exciting, more informative, and extremely fun. If you often go on backpacking trips, then Kook is a must-app for your phone. This app will tell you about all the attraction points that you can see in a tourist spot. It will help you book tickets for every place you want to explore in a new city. 

Apart from that, you can also use this app to avail other travel services like getting wi-fi & SIM cards and booking car rentals. This app will also tell you about various dining in options, as per your taste & liking. In short, Klook is a super-app (if I may say so!) that will become your go-to app for all your future backpacking travel plans and you can grab great discounts on travel bookings via Klook. 

Google Translate

You would think that you know the language of a particular country but you will be amazed (and even a bit shocked) to know that despite talking in the local language people still might not understand you, because you are not used to a country’s local accent. Also, if you have decided to backpack to a new country without much prior preparation, you will need some support to understand the native language and make your way inside the new country.

Google Translate is the app you can depend upon for all your translation needs. Let us say, you are traveling to a difficult language country (like backpacking to China), Google Translate will help you talk to the country’s service class & localites. 



Which is that one app that you can depend upon for honest reviews on hotels, restaurants, attraction places, etc.? Without a doubt, that app has to be Tripadvisor. The honesty is maintained because the reviews that go on Tripadvisor are posted by the usual travelers from different countries (you would not find many paid posts on this app!). 

You can just type in the name of the destination, hotel, or attraction you want to know more about, in this app and you will see a list of reviews. You will also see threads of conversation around your topic of interest. You can go through the reviews and accordingly make an informed decision regarding booking a specific hotel, or dining in an unknown restaurant. 


Local commute and inland transportation are the major factors that decide how much you actually spend on your trip. If you are backpacking, then it is best to take local transport for cheaper traveling, as much as possible (the best part is all the major tourist destinations have a very good network of inland transportation). 

It is easier said than done because acquainting yourself with the confusing web of inland transportation is not easy. This is where Rome2Rio comes to your rescue. This is a very handy app that will show you all the possible options to reach from point A to point B, within any city. You will find this app working even in the remote locations of any tourist country. 


You can have all the tickets & bookings in place and yet you can get confused as far as the detailed itinerary is concerned. 

You can find the solution to this problem in the form of the TripIt app. You will need to upload all your travel bookings and your travel goals on this app, & it will organize your trip in the best possible manner. This is one of the important tech upgrades for smooth travel plans. 

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