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My Boracay Bike Loop Adventure

Boracay, with its stunning white beaches, had always been a familiar destination for me. However, on my recent trip to this tropical paradise with my fellow yoga teachers, I was eager to see how the island had transformed after its rehabilitation. This adventure also presented a unique opportunity for me to embark on a Boracay bike loop, something I had longed to experience.

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Experiencing Boracay with Blazing Fast Smart Evolution LTE

Hannah of Flaircandy
Hannah of trying out the Smart LTE in Boracay

For me who constantly go on the road or fly off to a destination somewhere, I always try to make sure I’ll have a reliable way to connect online since a big part of my work involves the internet. My usual mobile office activities are monitoring my own server where my blogs are hosted, updating them, my run on my favourite social networking sites like facebook and twitter and sometimes random image submissions on requested stock photos for some publications. I have been reliant on location wifi hotspots and most especially to my mobile broadband connection, so when Smart invited me with a few other bloggers to experience their new Smart Evolution LTE Mobile Broadband technology in Boracay, I was excited, since anything that’ll make my time more productive is always welcome.

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Aklan: Boracay, A Pseudo Paradise Island

Boracay Sailboats and Sunsets

Boracay Sailboats and Sunset

“I’ve lived on the Island my whole life” said Gaga. Despite the name, he’s a male somewhere in his early to mid-twenties, a little over 5 feet in height and his tropical brown island skin along his chubby constructions is adorned with tattoos. We stumbled upon him that evening when my writer companion was looking for a place to get a real tattoo. Jay, one of the members of the comedy act of SPIT who’s knowledgeable with tattoos was there to help her out and found Gaga’s tattoo stall to be more competent among the line of tattoo stalls along Boracay Beach.

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Pangihan Cave

Pangihan Cave entrance view

View of the impressive stalactites at the entrance of Pangihan Cave in Malay, Aklan.

Another attraction in Malay, Aklan is Pangihan Cave. Just 15-20 minutes from Caticlan Airport, is Barangay Poblacion where you’ll find the cave. The cave is said to have 8 chambers but we were only able to explore 3 since we were pressed for time. The whole cave system is said to have an area of 5,001 sq. m and can be explored in 45-minutes.

Pangihan Cave chamber

Cave interiors and guides.

The cave still has impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations but sadly there were lots of Vandalism in the interior walls. I guess the local tourism was too late to regulate and protect the area. Still it has good chambers. One of the guides said an international horror movie was shot inside this cave. Too bad the guides can’t recall the title of that movie. might have been interesting to watch.

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Nabaoy river experience

The crystal clear river of Barangay Nabaoy, Malay, Aklan

The crystal clear river of Barangay Nabaoy, Malay, Aklan

Unbeknownst to many, Boracay is part of the municipality of Malay, which is a region of Aklan. Most of the time, tourist who came from the Caticlan airport or the Ro-ro ferries are immidiately whisked away to the famed Boracay Island. Little do they know that the province of Malay has more to offer than its white sands.

Food and Music

Sumptous food from Chicken Inasal and Music courtesy of the local Tambuli group.

Just 30 minutes drive from the airport going to Barangay Nabaoy, and a very very short hike, you’ll reach the crystal clear waters of Nabaoy, the water source of Boracay. Food prepared by The Chicken Inasal Resto of Boracay (located at D’mall) was already waiting and the amazing instrumental performance of a local Tambuli group greeted us. Mayor Cawiling and the organizers really did an amazing job setting up the place.

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