Catanduanes: Bato’s Old Church and Charming Cascades

The morning exploration down south of Catanduanes in Igang and Lictin, made us real hungry when mid-day came. Out tricycle drove us back. Jun, our driver decided to drive along the coastal road so we could see the sights and communities on those part. It took almost an hour for us to reach Virac Town proper and stopped by One Two Sawa Eatery for lunch.

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Catanduanes: From Igang’s Twin Rock to Lictin’s Luyang Cave

Twin Rock Resort at Igang

The rainy day in Virac didn’t discourage us from making plans the last day of our exploration of the island province. We woke up as early as 4:45am and our hired tricycle was already waiting for us a little past 5am. It was raining as expected, but not as strong as it could be hazardous for exploration. Our first destination found us going to the southern region of Catanduanes at the town of Igang.

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Catanduanes: Rainy Day in Virac

Locals hanging out at the Virac Port

It was great that our first day in Puraran, Catanduanes was blessed with good weather. As we traveled back to Virac, the sky grew gloomier. The ride on the big jeep was eventful as than usual. Aside from having an interesting conversation from the lone Japanese Jun about traveling around the Philippines and some tips on the road, we were joined by this man in formal polo wear about his 50s. He was a tourism officer and shared in some ideas.

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Catanduanes: Meeting the Colorful People of Puraran

The Colors of Puraran

The recent Typhoons, Ondoy and Pepeng, both caused devastation to a lot of areas in the country. And it always seem that the one province who that mostly experience the onslaughts of these heavenly disturbances is Catanduanes. It’s barely a month when I was on that island so when the storms hit big time, I wondered how the people we met there are doing. Aside from checking out the Surfing Scene in Puraran, we also walked around the neighborhood and met some interesting colors there.

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Catanduanes: The Puraran Beach and its Majestic Surf

Puraran Beach Heading to Surf

It seems crazy when we hear people say that they want the storms to come in when they are on the beach. “Stronger the waves the better” as one surfer says. And it is in the presence of the storm that the waves and the wind become their playground. It is start of the surfing season again in the country. And Puraran Beach is home to a world renowned surf break, the Majestics.

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Transit: Manila to Puraran Beach Baras Catanduanes

Jeep bound for Baras and Virac in Catanduanes

Aside from Batanes, the other island usually battered by the storms is Catanduanes. Found in the south-eastern part of Luzon, it is usually the first path typhoons go through during the Philippines’ wet seasons. For that reason, the island earned the moniker as the “Land of the Howling Winds.” While it seemed illogical to visit the island during the typhoon season, it didn’t stop me from discovering the island shaped by the storms.

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