Photo Print: Lone Man on a Mangrove

A lone man on a mangrove in Siquijor
A lone man on a mangrove in Siquijor

Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world. It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way. A form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself that are deeper than the ordinary self.

– Ted Hughes

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Six Interesting Halloween Destinations in the Philippines

The Philippines has celebrated “Todos Los Santos” quite differently from other parts of the world. While it is only recent when candled pumpkins, trick or treats and cute-monstrosity items adorn some houses. But behind those masked commercialism, many Filipinos still observe the traditional practice of visiting departed loved ones during All Saint’s Day. I remember our usual visits to clean up the graves of our relative and also the talks of supernatural, the regular horror segments at Magandang Gabi Bayan and even a time when Mananangal (half-bodied flying female creatures with bat wings) flew over Manila. Those were interesting times, but traveling brought me to discover places which somehow exude the feel and connection to the otherworld. Here are some places from my archive which I think would be nice places to visit during the Halloween Season.

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Siquijor: Visita Iglesia

Siquijor Visita Iglesia

Holy Week is the time of the year a lot of Filipinos are looking forward to every year. Aside from it being the time for a much needed long vacation towards the half of the year, it is a significant time for Christians as we remember Christ’s last few days on Earth before his resurrection. While I’m not really a devout Catholic, I share the celebration with millions on Filipinos in our country. One popular activity most Filipinos do during Maundy Thursday is the Visita Iglesia.

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Siquijor: From underground to the highest point of Siquijor Island

Cantabon Cave natural bath tub

Apologies for the slow updates here as I’ve been caught in between some side projects and work related projects as well. Promise to do my blog rounds as soon as I’m able. For the meantime here’s one of my last few entries for Siquijor. After doing some rounds of beaches and mangrove sanctuaries surrounding the island, it’s time to go inland and go subterranean and explore some underground wonders, after which, we’ll do a short hike up to the highest point of the island.

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Siquijor: Guiwanon Spring Park

Guiwanon Park boat and Nipa Huts among mangroves

What I really liked about this small island of Siquijor, is it’s just so easy to get from one place to another. Just hop in a habal-habal or an AUV, you’ll be in there in minutes. So after wandering around the tree house in Tulapos, we head forward north of the island to visit another marine and mangrove sanctuary, the Guiwanon Spring Park.

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Siquijor: Tulapos Mangrove Tree house

Entering the Mangrove Forest in Tulapos

It’s been rather busy with the month of November ending. But here’s to continue with the Siquijor series: After our brief sojourn in Salagdoong, we went back to the marketplace of the town of Maria for our hearty breakfast at the carinderias there. We also mapped out our next few stops as well. Next on our list, we have to go back up north and head to the Tulapos Marine Sanctuary.

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