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Siklista Iglesia: Heritage Churches You Ought To Visit In Rizal Province By Bike

With Holy Week just around the corner, it’s time once again to consult a map and contemplate on doing the rounds of churches for the annual Visita Iglesia. While you’re at it, it might be worthwhile exploring Rizal Province which is renowned for beautiful, mostly centuries-old churches with some dating back to the Spanish colonial period. This year, why not hop on your bike instead of walking so you can cover more ground?  After all, you’d still be using your legs as some sort of sacrifice for the Lenten season while pedaling your way to municipality after municipality of quaint, old churches steeped in history. Let’s start our Siklista Iglesia.


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So you planned your European travel itinerary meticulously and you’re ready to go. You’ve allotted enough time between connecting flights so you don’t have to keep rushing from flight to flight and just chill out during the short layovers.  And you’ve also calculated your travel budget in detail so you can save some here, then splurge some there.  Then, the unexpected happens – a flight delay or cancellation.  It’s every traveler’s nightmare and one you can’t plan for in advance.

Islands and Beaches USA

Cocoa Beach Resorts: A Paradise on Earth for Vacationing Families

You can travel anywhere for vacation if you have enough money. Most families don’t have unlimited funds. You probably also don’t have unlimited time you can take off from work.

If you want to travel within the US and need a pleasant vacation spot, maybe comfortable and spacious Cocoa Beach rentals have some appeal. We’ll talk about this sunny and desirable locale in the following article.

Feature Islands and Beaches Masbate Waterfalls

Island-hopping Wonders of Ticao Island

The knife-edged-shape Ticao island is another fascinating destination for me. I’ve read articles and seen photos of this island, so I kinda know what to expect – stunning seascapes, rock formations, age-old settlements, and towering waterfalls pouring directly into the sea. And I finally got to see this for myself. After a day of interacting with whale sharks in Donsol, we rode a large outrigger boat to Ticao island, one of the three major islands of Masbate. It’s a 2-3 hours rocky boat ride but no rough waters can keep my excitement.

General Travel

Top tips for staying active when you’re travelling with kids

Going on an active holiday is a great way to form closer connections as a family, and create those unforgettable memories that are only made from spending time away from home. However, whenever you travel anywhere with young children it can be a little more challenging to do everything you want to, with inevitable mishaps likely to alter your holiday plans along the way.

But with a little bit of extra planning, it is possible to squeeze in lots of those unique activities that will fuel the little ones’ adventurous spirits. In this post, we’ll provide you with some top tips to ensure you can stay active on holiday and prevent the dreaded boredom from setting in.

Australia Travel

4 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions on the Gold Coast

A famous Australian vacation spot is the Gold Coast. Families from Australia have been lured to the area for a while now. A magnificent stretch of beach with blond sand is bordered by skyscrapers. Chic shops and thrilling entertainment venues can be found within steps of the gentle dunes. The well-known amusement parks on the Gold Coast are close by and increase the variety of interesting things to do. Here are four top-rated attractions on the Gold Coast that you can visit.

Rivers Sorsogon

Buhatan River Eco Adventure

“Where there’s a river, there’s life!” As they say and it can never be truer as this body of water penetrating the land can be a source of food, livelihood and instrumental in irrigation. When late environmentalist, Gina Lopez spearheaded a clean-up drive for Buhatan river in Sorsogon back in 2014 and they saw the ecotourism potential of this river. Following the path of successful river rehabilitation and ecotourism development like Bohol’s Abatan river, Cebu’s Bojo river and Puerto Pricesa’s Iwahig river to name a few.

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