Macau: The Camoes Garden and the Old Protestant Cemetery

Camoes Garden  Morning Tai CHi

Early morning on to our third day in Macau finds us walking through narrow alleys of an old neighborhood in San Antonio, Macau. Climbing zigzagging stairs, sleeping alley cats and neighborhood shrines to find us gasping a little for breath and realizing we’re already in level of the higher floors of the residential buildings in front of us. I thought this urban landscape of windows, air conditioners and stained walls felt a lot like the Old Manila. But a few more flight of stairs led us to Macau’s largest and oldest park, the Camoes Garden.

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Macau: Taipa Evening Stroll

Taipa Artificial Lake Cotai View

Our coach sped through the scenic lights of Macau-Taipa bridge coming from Macau Central. It didn’t take long before we stopped and alighted our coach again. Joao led us to a waterfront park with steel benches by the lake. Afar we could see the towering buildings of the City of Dreams at the Cotai Strip. Despite the dimness it was nice scenery. I could sit down on one of those benches and just space out.

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Macau: Night Walk at the Central

Tree of Prosperity

It was barely an hour’s rest for the afternoon. A 15 minutes power nap at the least then I hit the showers to freshen up for the night walk. The day isn’t ending yet. There’s a lot more to see. Regrouping at Ponte 16‘s lobby by 6, we got into our comfy seats at the couch and headed for a very short drive at the central where clusters of luxury hotels and casinos clustered together beam of dazzling lights to lure people in.

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Macau: Dragon’s Treasure Show at the City of Dreams

The Bubble at City of Dreams Macau

The name City of Dreams seems like a fantastic surreal place. But as we drove nearer coming from Macau Science Center we saw three buildings rising high along the reclaimed Cotai Strip area. The three buildings are the Crown Tower, Hard Rock Hotel and the Grand Hyatt. Our first stop of course was the Horizons Restaurant at Crown tower where we were a luxurious lunch of Smoked Slamon, Kabucha, Prime Tenderloin and Cream Brulee.

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Macau: Fun and Wonder at Macau Science Center

Macau Science Center

I drop in a red rubber ball inside a large transparent water container with a simulation of a whirlpool inside. It looks fascinating seeing this small cross section on what is definitely an ocean phenomenon to be avoided. I watched as the red rubber ball get sucked into the pool and get discharged under the container. I wouldn’t want that ball be a boat with me in it at sea. It’s amazing I get fascinated by scientific displays as this whirlpool simulation inside the Macau Science Center whereas if I was a kid, I’d just be satisfied by pushing buttons and pulling levers to see what happens.

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Macau: The Ruins of St Paul’s Church and the Macau Museum

Macau The Ruins of St Paul's Church and the Macau Museum

We zigzagged along the streets of commercial establishments and restaurants coming from Senado Square and St Dominic’s Church until we reach the narrower souvenir street heading to St Paul’s Church Ruins. The street here filled with souvenir shops and Macau’s favourite take home gifts from pastelarias selling peanut cookies, plums and beef jerky to mention a few goodies.

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Macau: Senado Square and St Dominic’s Church in Mono


Our pace didn’t change as soon as we emerged from the alley walk. We were now at Senado Square. One of the most anticipated sights I wanted to see in Macau. Well, it is one of the most popular places in Macau, finding its pictures on just about every postcards, magazines and internet Google search on Macau. Judging from the throngs here, everyone wants a spot on this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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