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Macau: Threading the Streets of the Old Town

Macau Old Town Walk

Locals walking the Cobblestoned Streets of Macau

It was like a maze if I may say so. Or we were just moving too fast while navigating the inner streets of the old neighborhood of Macau that my sense of direction got lost in the wind. “We better hurry. We got a schedule to keep” reminded Joao, our guide. I couldn’t even remember half of what he told us during our walk. But one things definitely sure, I love walking these streets. It reminds me of Manila, or what it could have been if it wasn’t bombed to the ground.

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Macau: Stay at Sofitel’s Ponte 16

Sofitel Ponte 16 Mansion

Sofitel Ponte 16 Luxury Mansion

It has a huge globe monitor that looks funky at night when changing colors hanging just right below the main entrance facade arc of this huge chrome and crimson colored building. It has statues of cows dressed in different patterns on the entrance grounds. Located just beside the old town of Macau and an inner harbor with Mainland China just across. Ponte 16 five-star resort is where we stayed in Macau for three nights. So how was it?

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Transit: From Manila to Macau

Small Turtle Pedestrian Cross

At the streets of Macau on our Arrival

My journey to Southwest and Mainland China a few years ago made my fascination for this country grow. Everything seems to be a large spectacle from ancient to modern as seen through their engineering feats. When I learned I’ll be visiting Macau (or Macao), a Special Administrative Region of China, I got curious on the extent of how the lavish world of mainland China would spill over into this small region not much larger than the city of Makati Philippines. It’s also a region with a perfect blend of the east and west and goes through my quest to visit Asia’s Heritage Trails.

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