Festivals Quezon

Pahiyas Festival 2022: Return of Lucban’s Beloved Harvest Festival

The scattered rains and gloomy skies continue to loom that Sunday afternoon as we head to Lucban, Quezon coming from our stay at slopes Mt Banahaw. It was May 15, 2022, the day of feast of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers and animals. A day celebrated by many towns in Quezon province like Tiaong, Sariaya, Gumaca, Lucena and Tayabas. Each town has their own way of celebrating but Lucban’s Pahiyas Festival though has adored many due to its colorfully decorated houses and festive atmosphere. For the past two years, the pandemic has halted the celebration. This time, no amount of rain can dampen the festivity.


Cruise control: How to choose the right cruise trip

Like all forms of travel, the cruise industry was put on hold fairly recently – but it’s returning with vengeance.

It is regaining its popularity that has made it a go-to holiday type for millions around the world, whilst also attracting a new form of traveler who previously wouldn’t have had the slightest bit of interest.

Today’s guide is primarily for the latter. If you’ve never been on a cruise before, here are some tips on how you can choose the right type.

Cagayan Islands and Beaches

Return to Palaui Island in Santa Ana Cagayan Valley

It took more than a decade but I finally found my way back to the northwestern tip of Cagayan Valley. So much has happened the last decade or so in Palaui island. Admittedly, it’s the biggest tourist draw in Santa Ana, Cagayan. It has hosted 2 seasons of America’s Survivor series back in 2013. There are other Survivors from other countries that followed. But the most significant development for me is the designation of the island as a “National Park” due to the Expanded National Integrated Protected Area System (ENIPAS) act signed by President Duterte in June 22, 2018.


Flying a Private Jet vs. Flying First Class: Which Is Better?

Private jets or flying first-class seem like the same thing, however, they are respectively different and both options offer certain advantages as opposed to the other. It essentially comes down to your needs and overall preferences, however, knowing the benefits of each can help you make a faster and better choice. Therefore, we’ll discuss some differences and talk about whether the one or the other is a better option. 

Adventure Cagayan Waterfalls

Fun Hike to Buwacag Falls in Santa Ana Cagayan

Often times the more challenging path yields to richer rewards. In Sta Ana, Cagayan, we ventured to the foothills of Sierra Madre mountains to explore one of the recently developed and opened tourism site in the municipality – the Buwacag Falls. This multi-tiered falls have a fun and challenging trail amidst lush forest leading to several wonderful cascades.

Abu Dhabi Travel

The Ferrari VIP Experience: 3 Premium Activities to Try on Your Abu Dhabi Trip

Vacations are meant to be fun. They should be memorable, rejuvenating, and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, many people still end up having mediocre vacations even though they’ve worked hard to earn them. Some skimp on their itinerary, believing that they could “have something better next time.” Others simply fail to plan for the trip well ahead of schedule. 

To avoid making these mistakes, think of yourself as a VIP while planning your vacation. Remember: Even if you’re on a budget, you can only make the most out of what you pay for if you get the best-value offerings from attractions, like those offered at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

In this article, you’ll learn what it means to be the VIP in the Yas Island theme park, as well as discover the three premium activities you can try on your Abu Dhabi trip.


The whole world is reopening. Where are you heading next?

After two years of staying home and quelling the travel itch just looking at pictures from past travels, the wait seems finally over. Tourism industries all over the world are eager to get restarted and destinations are sprucing up their attractions to welcome visitors once again.  Surely, your travel list must have swelled over the past two years with must-visit/revisit places. Time to warm up your gallivanting muscles and exercise your travel skills which are unsurprisingly a bit rusty from lack of use.

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