San Rafael River Adventure: Aqua Fun Day Tour

San Rafael River Adventure actvities

Bulacan continues to unfold as we continue our Lakbay Norte 7 trip from Malolos Historic Town Center. Riding up about one and a half hour north, we reached the banks of the snaking Angat River also knows as the Bulacan River for the San Rafael River Adventure (SRRA). This lush resort by the river resort has a tranquil laid back atmosphere with facilities. The breeze was cool and comforting, the surrounding still and quiet. Yet those who want some adrenaline rush can choose a slew of activities the resort offers.

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Malolos Historic Town Center: A Walk Through Kamistesuhan District

The Barasoain Church

They say seven is a lucky number. If it is, I consider myself lucky to be part of the 7th edition of Lakbay Norte. The annual familiarization tour of the north Luzon is made possible by North Philippines Visitors Bureau (NPVB) under Convention and Visitors Bureau. If you have been following Ironwulf for quite sometime, I had participated in several Lakbay Norte tours including the first one which set the foundation of the succeeding tours. Lakbay Norte 7 continues the tradition of a fun whirlwind sightseeing, gustatory and adventure filled trip of the north. We didn’t have to go far from Manila to jump-start the tour. Our first stop in Bulacan has us stretching our legs to walk through the Malolos Historic Town Center and marvel at the ancestral homes, age-old churches and its history.

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