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South Cotabato: Spectacular Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline

Lake Sebu Zipline
Launch into Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline

I must admit, I was thinking, “What the hell did they do to they do to the Seven Falls?” first I heard about a zipline being set up there. Marring the amazing sight of the falls with wires was the image that came to mind. But then again, I’ve heard and read from people how they enjoyed the zipline but I wanted to see it first and make sure they didn’t do anything drastic to the natural landscape. So the recent Backpack Photography gave me a chance to experience the getting famous Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline.

Batanes Batanes Chronicles Philippines Travel Video

Batanes Backpack Photography and Itbayat Chronicles 2010

Basco Lighthouse
Basco Lighthouse and Batan Cliffs seen from the sea

I have written plenty about Batanes on this blog and I’m sure when I go back there, I’ll find more things to write about again. It just shows how I love the place. It’s like being in a foreign land yet with the familiar warmth and hospitality the Filipinos are known for. For the mean time, here’s the chronicles summary from my recent visit to Batanes in conjunction to the Backpack Photography Workshops to cap off this series. I also hope you enjoy the Batanes Islands video I put together.

Batanes Batanes Philippines Travel Video

Batanes: Journey from Basco to Itbayat Chinapoliran Port

Itbayat Chinapoliran Port
Itbayat Chinapoliran Port

It was a little past 6am and there’s already a hive of activity at Basco Port when we arrived. We were looking for the person holding the ticket and found him sitting by the port ledge. “Punuan na po, me nakalista na wala pa dito. Malilista kop o kayo pero wag kayo magagalit kung di kayo makasakay (We’re full. We already have a list of people even if they’re not here. I can put you on wait list but don’t be angry if can’t ride)”. It wasn’t like this before last when I went to Itbayat. I can buy tickets at their office and that would assure me seat. After hearing that, I thought our chances were nil seeing all the cargo and locals pouring in. I was already devising a Plan B in mind if ever we can’t go to Itbayat. It’s a good thing Oggie decided to inspect the large M/V Misubi craft. It seems luck is still on our side.

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Bohol: More Extreme Adventure at EAT Danao

EAT Danao The Plunge

Doing the Plunge at EAT Danao

It was an unexpected but a welcome surprise when I found out that Acer would be bringing us to Bohol for their annual Acer Media Challenge with this year’s theme “Survival of the Explorers“. Funny thing is, when we got there I’ll be going back the next day at the same resort where we were staying for a project after the Acer event. Call it coincidence or whatnot because Acer has been tight lip about the destination until the day itself. While it would have been convenient if I had known so I didn’t have to go back to Manila and get my gears, I didn’t mind. Besides it’s good to stock up on some miles.

Palawan Palawan Philippines Travel Video

El Nido: Discovering Matinloc Island’s Secret Beach

El Nido Matinloc Secret Beach

Lounging at the Secret Beach

The groove to go Island Hopping is back on our fourth day in El Nido. We’re going again with Islanen Outdoors Tours since they have a very good slightly customized package and price (of P650) on Tour C which includes several sites in Matinloc Island and few stops on our way back. We had to wait a few minutes before they got everything ready. We had a smaller white boat this time highlighted by MMDA colors of pink and blue but it seems real solid and capable to handle the seas.

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Backpack Photography Banaue Workshop Experience

Backpack Photograpy Workshop Baang Hapao

Backpack Photography Workshop in Banaue

My good friend Oggie of and I were conceptualizing for some time on how a photography workshop would be set apart from the numerous workshops being offered right now. One, we don’t want to have the usual classroom setting. We want participants to be out there on the field where most of the photography would happen and learn on the spot. Second, we want the participants to experience the place and the culture. Getting postcard pretty pictures is one thing but getting good pictures with relevance is another. So Backpack Photography Workshop is born sharing our style of shooting.

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Manila: The Dancing Jellies of Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park Jellies Display Hallway

Manila Ocean Park Jellies Display Hallway

When at sea, jelly fishes creeps me out. When beach waters are populated by these I’m hesitant to swim through. Imagine getting scars, itchiness and even fatal wounds from them. Last thing I want is getting myself pee-ed on just to neutralize the poison, or so I heard. I know I try to avoid them when I see them but I also can’t help but be fascinated by them as well. These semi-transparent sea creatures are very graceful dancers of the sea. And I find them even more fascinating when I saw a lot of them in Manila Ocean Park’s separate exhibit, Jellies, Dancing Sea Faeries.

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