Video: Sabtang on the Road

Road View to Chavayan

I just can’t get enough of Batanes so I’m making another post on Sabtang. If I really have enough time, I would spend months just exploring all the corners of the islands of Batanes. Here’s a video of what is like traversing the road to Chavayan, the southern town in the charming little island of Sabtang. That coastal road scene just sticks in your mind. Also included is a short drive to Nakanmuan natural arc at the white beach. Video after the jump.

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Video: Wonders of Manila Ocean Park


Manila Ocean Park is finally open! I think this is one development project a lot of people are watching out for. It was slated to open last December in which I was worried at first due to the speedy development but then it moved to late February. Buddy Oggie invited me to come along since he got invites for the Partner’s Night pre-opening. He contributed some of his photos to be used for their interactive kiosk installation thus the free invites. The Oceanarium officially opened yesterday (March 1) and we now currently have the largest oceanarium in Asia. So prepare to be a kid again.

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Video: Pride of Bolinao

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse in Patar. Taken with Nokia N82

I’ve always wanted to add a multimedia feature on my blog. In fact, I announced early last year that I would be doing an Ian Wright thing and present some of my travels in a video documentary feature. That may not be too far off the future. For now, here’s my very first video-log on our recent family outing in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Somehow this is also a bit sentimental since after more than 5 years, our whole family is together on this vacation since one of my sister in Canada and another from the USA decided to come home. Video after the jump.

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