Zamboanga City | Picture Perfect Merloquet Falls

Gorgeous wall of cascades at Merloquet Falls

San ka galing? (Where did you come from?)”

Sa malayo! Sa merloquet! (Somewhere far! At Merloquet)”

For Zamboangueños, ‘merloquet’ used to be a fabled place pertaining to somewhere far far away when used in colloquial conversation. Nowadays, it pertains to Merloquet Falls that has gained popularity in the past years due to its wide pour and lovely wall of cascades. It is still far far away in Zamboanga City but I managed to visit the place as a side trip while in the region.

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Nikon Shot | Amidst the Flurry

Starting this week, Ironwulf En Route will feature a weekly Nikon Shot series. Images captured by Nikon cameras. Here’s the first one “Amidst the Flurry” taken with a Nikon D7100 and a Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens. Shot in Zamboanga City, I saw this girl enjoying her time feeding the pigeons. I had to place myself in an angle to isolate the subject away from the other crowd in the area and waited for the flurry of birds to happen.

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Zamboanga: Pasonanca Park Fun

Pasonanca Park Tree house

Hi guys, advance Happy All Souls day to you all! The next update will be sometime next week as I’m sure some of you will be out on a trip either for visiting their departed love ones at their provinces or out on a personal trip. Whichever it my be, have a safe journey and bring back more stories as well. This is my last entry on Zamboanga, I think I’ve already exhausted my materials and it’s time to get some more. I hope you guys enjoy this entry on Pasonanca Natural Park. The park which was opened last June 2004 in Sitio Canacutan in Barangay Pasonanca, which is around 20-minutes drive from city proper is considered as one of Zamboanga’s Pride.

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Zamboanga: Yakan Weavers of Basilan

A Yakan weaver doing her magic

It’s sad what Basilan had come to in recent days. In truth, there is more to the island than its wars. Basilan is home to the Yakan Tribes, also known as one of the finest weavers in our country. They have also become a victim of war, thus many of them have to move to neighboring areas of the Zamboanga Peninsula and abandon their homes in Basilan.

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Zamboanga: The historic Fort Pilar

Real Fuerza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa

After eating a Satti breakfast at one of the Satti shops in Pilar Street, morning finds us strolling the streets of Zambaonga City ending up at the imposing structure by the Zamboanga Peninsula Seas, which is the historical Fort Pilar. This venerable fort founded in 1635 yet still proudly stands strong until now, represents the rich colonial history of this region of our country.

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Zamboanga: Satti in the city and more

Perk up your mornings with a semi-spicy Satti meal

Pardon the title pun there. Just have to use it on this entry, hehe. Being close to our neighboring country in Sabah, Malaysia, you could find certain similarities in terms of design, culture and especially food in Zamboanga City. One such similar dish I found here is their famous Satti which is very similar to the Malaysian Satay.

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Zamboanga City: Enter Rio Hondo

Muslim Mosque on stilts in Rio Hondo

I have been mentioning a lot about the scenic stilt houses down in Zamboanga Peninsula, and now it’s time to get deep inside one of these villages and take a glimpse of their life here. Enter Rio Hondo. Rio meaning ‘river’ Hondo meaning ‘deep’, is a deep river Muslim village on stilts of the coast of Zamboanga City. I heard Jessica Soho Reports featured this village a few weeks back, but I wasn’t able to catch it. I hope you’ll enjoy my feature on this scenic village on stilts as well.

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