Selangor: Burning Rubber at Sepang International Circuit

I hit the gas hard this time and feel the rush of the engine at my back. I’m going the fastest as I can, making sure I stay in front of the pack in this track. It was the third and final round of our go kart race with the other media pips and we’re being timed like how professional GPs are done. Then suddenly from behind another car zoomed past me. What the?! We were heading on a sharp bend on the track and I watched how smoothly my competition went through it. I was determined to get my lead back but got too disoriented I lost my bearing on the track. Next I saw my surrounding spinning as my car turned 360 and the smell of burning tires filled the air. I got my composure back after a few seconds and rev up the engine. Can I can still make this?

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Fly and Sail Day 4: An Afternoon Fun at Sentosa Capping the Tour

I had a feeling I would be visiting Sentosa one of these days. I’ve been to Singapore several times but it wasn’t really on top of my lists but I do know it’s one of the premier parks in Singapore that most Filipinos would visit when in the country. When I saw in our itinerary that we’ll be spending an afternoon in Sentosa before we head to the airport for our evening flight, I welcomed the idea of finally getting a sight of this popular Singapore Playground.

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South Cotabato: Spectacular Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline

Lake Sebu Zipline

I must admit, I was thinking, “What the hell did they do to they do to the Seven Falls?” first I heard about a zipline being set up there. Marring the amazing sight of the falls with wires was the image that came to mind. But then again, I’ve heard and read from people how they enjoyed the zipline but I wanted to see it first and make sure they didn’t do anything drastic to the natural landscape. So the recent Backpack Photography gave me a chance to experience the getting famous Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline.

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Three Days Adventure Bohol 2010

EAT Danao Suislide

I kept telling people that there is more to Bohol than the usual Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Panglao. I had a chance to go back to Bohol several times this year and coincidentally, most of the activities I had there is to sample exciting adventure activities on different spots. Bohol is turning out to be one exciting adventure hub along with the popular attractions the island is known for. Here’s a nice itinerary for a Three Day Adventure in Bohol.

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Bohol: Rev Up at Baclayon’s Dune Buggy Trail and Eco-Tour

Baclayon Buggy Ride

I felt like a kid again with a new toy as I stepped on the gas and feel the engines surge as it rev up and cuts the wind heavily as my dune buggy speeds up on the rough trail. I held on the wheel as I turn on a corner, veering towards my left. Woah! There’s a cliff with a high drop on my right. Scary but I took the challenge and drove on the rocky and dusty trail despite the fear. Now this is what I call fun, I never thought there would be a Dune Buggy Trail Ride offering in Baclayon. It is certainly something different and new for this part of Bohol.

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Bohol: Amazing Snorkeling and White Beach in Pamilacan Island

Pamilacan Snorkeling

Still high from that amazing superpod dolphin sighting, our outrigger boat blasted its pump to the shores of Pamilacan Island. This small island is less frequented by tourist who would rather stay at the posh and becoming overdeveloped island of Panglao. Which means it still has that rustic, tropical island feel which I liked. Open cottages, fisher folks with carefree family and a nice stretch of white sand beach that makes 80% of the island’s shoreline. Now I’m yearning for some snorkeling.

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Lakbay Norte: Ambuclao Adventures and Impressive Pangasinan

Day 4 of Lakbay Norte finds us waking up to the cool crisp mountain air of Baguio. It’s always a pleasant experience to just breathe in the pine fresh atmosphere in this highland city. Our group stayed at the uber-comfortable chiropractic beds of Microtel. From there, we moved to Baguio Country Club for our briefing and much sought after breakfast.

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