Macau: Fun and Wonder at Macau Science Center

Macau Science Center

I drop in a red rubber ball inside a large transparent water container with a simulation of a whirlpool inside. It looks fascinating seeing this small cross section on what is definitely an ocean phenomenon to be avoided. I watched as the red rubber ball get sucked into the pool and get discharged under the container. I wouldn’t want that ball be a boat with me in it at sea. It’s amazing I get fascinated by scientific displays as this whirlpool simulation inside the Macau Science Center whereas if I was a kid, I’d just be satisfied by pushing buttons and pulling levers to see what happens.

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Singapore: Southern Ridge’s Henderson Waves and Forest Walk

Singapore Southern Ridges Henderson Waves

I only have a map to guide me though the trial. It was for Hort Park but it also includes the trails on what Singapore calls the “Southern Ridges”. It is a 9km trail connecting different parks on the Southern Ridges of Singapore. From the country’s oldest park, Mt Faber I have to get to Telok Blangah Hill Park but first I have to cross this pedestrian bridge called Henderson Waves connecting both parks.

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Singapore: Mt Faber and Climbing the Marang Trail

Singapore's Mt Faber

When I was staying in Singapore, there’s always the search on where to go next. I know Singapore doesn’t have much in terms of nature and hike trails aside from Pulau Ubin, but it didn’t stop me from visiting Mt Faber located near Bukit Merah. It’s the highest spot in Singapore for a measly 105meters above sea level. But I’m keeping an open mind. So I hopped a bus to Vivo City Mall where the trail starts.

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Baguio: Gear up for Ambuklao and Kennon Road Eco-Adventure

Baguio Eco-Adventures

Baguio has always been known as the summer capital. People flock here to enjoy the cool weather, great food and shopping. Aside from that, it’s the gateway to the northern mountains like climbing Mt. Pulag or when heading to Sagada. But Baguio is gearing up to make people stay within city vicinity by introducing eco-adventures around Baguio.

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Catanduanes: The Puraran Beach and its Majestic Surf

Puraran Beach Heading to Surf

It seems crazy when we hear people say that they want the storms to come in when they are on the beach. “Stronger the waves the better” as one surfer says. And it is in the presence of the storm that the waves and the wind become their playground. It is start of the surfing season again in the country. And Puraran Beach is home to a world renowned surf break, the Majestics.

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Batanes: Deep Sea Fishing at Bagong Tuklas

Deep sea fishing in Batanes at Bagong Tuklas

I’ve always thought that Batanes is rich in underwater life but it has never been really exploited. It’s remoteness (and pricey flights) really prevented a lot of people for coming here to gamefish. It’s really fortunate that on one of my assignments on Seair Inflight, I was able to observe what it’s like to fish here. Here are some excerpts from writer Chip Childers.

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Nueva Vizcaya: Hiking to the Pine Forest of Salacsac

Salacasac Pine Forest Wood and Barn

It’s only been at least a month since I went to Imugan Nueva Vizcaya to do a documentation on Forest Carbon Measurement for Trading, I found myself back in Imugan with a few friends. We stayed this time on a dorm near a river frequented by foresters and also closer to the impressive cascades and falls of Imugan can be found. On our second day in Santa Fe, we venture 10km further to Salacsac, where a pine forest can be found.

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