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Laos: Return, biking and a Lao Traditional Massage in Vientiane

Vientiane Riverfront Food Resto

Vientiane Riverfront Food Resto

We left Vang Vieng around 10am and arrived in Vientiane by 2:30pm. It’s a good thing the drop off point was near the National Museum so I only had to walk a short distance back to Lao Heritage Hotel where I checked in again. It’s great to be back at the capital city of Laos. I let the city air in and I just relaxed the whole afternoon. I tried the Riverfront Eateries that night for a Lao dinner then rested early for my last day in Laos.


Going all terrain

All Terrain Vehicles

Time to rough it up.

One of the new activities in Boracay Island is driving those new All Terrain Vehicles up and across the island. It’s really fun especially when you are passing through really rough and dusty roads. More fun if you are racing with the other guys and trying to overtake them as well. I heard you can even take this up to Mt. Luho, the highest peak in the island.

But, I have to say that this is a risky activity and the operators of this ATV should pay more attention to safety. They didn’t provide helmets, elbow or knee support or even have side mirrors on their vehicles. One of our staff had a minor accident here since the unit’s battery suddenly died and she flew off hurting her left arm. She had to be bandaged and splinted Didn’t even know this until after the activity when she informed us.

And a word of warning on Boracay. Try not to get hurt or have any injuries. Their Hospital is a Morgue! They don’t have medicines, they don’t have cottons, they didn’t even have cold compress, they didn’t even have a decent splint! Geez, She has to buy her own medicines and stuff. And the staff were busy watching cable before attending to her.

I must admit that this island is a great place but they should also focus their concerns on this. We were able to converse with Charlie Uy of Patio Pacific Resort, who formed their private rescue group in Boracay called RATSS. He said that when people have serious accidents there, they usually fly them Iloilo or go ahead to Manila, because they know, Boracay’s Hospital is truly incompetent!

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